Numark TT-200

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Numark has created a turntable which performs similar to high-end models but has an affordable price. Highly Recommended for Beginners!!!

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With the TT200, Numark has created a turntable which performs similar to high-end models but has an affordable price.  The TT200's direct drive motor is extremely powerful, with more torque than the Technics 1200s.  The Numark TT200's construction also resembles that of a high-priced model, with a steel top, rubber bottom, and an aluminum platter and tonearm.  This of course gives the TT200 a heavy, durable feel.  With an accurate pitch control of +/-10 and both S-shaped and straight tonearms, the Numark TT200 turntable is good for both club and scratch DJs.  Other notable features include three play speeds, a reverse button, and detachable RCA and power cords for easy replacement.  Overall, the Numark TT200 is almost a steal at its price and a great alternative to the 1200s.



Features & Specs

  • Direct Drive ultra-high torque motor
  • Interchangable Tonearm System (includes both S-shaped and straight tonearms)
  • +/-10 pitch control
  • Plays at 33, 45, and 78 RPM
  • Reverse Mode
  • Detachable power and RCA connections for easy replacment
  • Solid-core steel top and rubber base

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