Pioneer XDJ-1000 Review

By | Posted January 17, 2016


The Pioneer XDJ-1000 multimedia player is the first “CD-less” player by Pioneer DJ that boasts a full seven-inch hi-res color touchscreen that has lots of information on-board, along with a performance mode which allows users to use the screen for hot-cues, beat jump, loops, track searching, and more.  Check out our full video review to see all of the features and get our thoughts on the Pioneer XDJ-1000.

Pioneer XDJ-1000
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Pioneer XDJ-1000

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Setup & First Impressions

Pioneer DJ has just announced that they are releasing a new lineup of "CD-less" CDJ's called the XDJ Line. The new XDJ series features USB ports to connect to computers for digital software playback like Traktor/Serato/Rekordbox DJ or to connect USB drives to DJ straight from the user library using Rekordbox Music Management software. The USB connectivity options and new Touch Screen functions on the Pioneer XDJ-1000 bring it into the new digital DJ age. The XDJ-1000 still has many of the same features and functions found on the current CDJ line and the same familiar layout that DJ's all over the World perform with.

Unboxing Video

Conclusion / Recommended For

In Conclusion, the Pioneer XDJ-1000 is an excellent mid-range multi-media player which allows DJ's to perform with or without a computer with the same familiar layout and feel as the most popular Pioneer DJ Setups found in club installations all over the world today. The XDJ-1000 has the full-color 7-inch Hi-Res LED touch screen which is very responsive and clear while displaying all of the information one could want. The XDJ-1000 touch screen also has a Qwerty keyboard which makes it very easy for DJ's to search a large track library to find a particular song. The XDJ-1000 also has a GREAT feature set at this price-point by including features like hot cues, link mode, beat jump, and strip search that are normally found on the higher priced players. The XDJ-1000 is also compatible with both Serato DJ and Traktor in USB-HID Mode.

On the downside, the XDJ-1000 doesn't have a CD drive which some DJ's still use today, especially when they are in a pinch. The only other gripe I could find with the XDJ-1000 is that it doesn't have the flagship features like the jog wheel tension adjust, digital RCA out, or the actual hardware buttons for hot-cues. The newly announced CDJ-2000NXS2 will actually have all of these features but will cost nearly double the amount of the XDJ-1000.


  • Full-Color LED Hi-Res Touch-Screen
  • Qwerty Keyboard for easy Library Searching
  • Great Features at this Price! (3 Hot Cues, Link Mode, Beat Jump)
  • Compatible with Serato DJ & Traktor in USB-HID Mode
  • Perfect Rekordbox DJ software compatibility


  • Lacks Flagship Features (Digital RCA Output, Jog Wheel Tension Adjust, Hotcue Hardware Buttons, or CD Drive)
Pioneer XDJ-1000
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Pioneer XDJ-1000

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