Reloop Jockey 3 Master Edition Controller Review

By | Posted July 11, 2011


The Reloop Jockey 3 Master Edition is the best digital DJ controller in the Reloop range.  Big shout-outs to who made it possible for us to get our hands on one for a full Video Review.  Check the video inside as I take another deep dive into the hot new MIDI controller market with the all new Reloop Jockey 3 Master Edition.  The Jockey 3 ME has super adjustable jog wheels, user-replaceable crossfader, and an all-metal construction to boot.  Check out what else is under the hood in our full 18-minute review video inside.

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Review Video & Demo

Setup & First Impressions

The Reloop Jockey 3 Master Edition is a nice all-around compact controller with a good price and very good features. The Jockey 3 ME is built with a completely solid metal construction from top to bottom. The unit is very heavy and will last for a long time. The unit is very good for Mobile DJ's as it is compact and can also act as a stand-alone mixer. It also is a fully-functional Traktor Certified MIDI controller with excellent mappings available for Traktor Pro 2 software utilizing all four decks of control. Traktor Pro 2 will also map all of the effects, hot cue banks, sample decks and other controls with exactly the same layout found on the unit as in the software.

Unboxing Video


The Jog wheels have a great overall rubberized, touch-sensitive feel with no shakes or wobbles to them. You can adjust the tension and touch sensitivity of both jog wheels for the best possible feel. There is also a nice Alpha Crossfader which is fully user-replaceable. This is a big plus because most controllers will have to be sent back to an authorized repair facility if issues ever arise with a crossfader on a MIDI controller. The Line faders are nice and long for slow mixing and the EQ/Gain/Volume knobs are big and rubberized with a tactile feel.

I only had a few minor issues with the unit overall. The first issue I noticed was that the mapping of Traktor 2 and the jog wheels was slightly off. You can easily do basic and intermediate scratching on the Reloop Jockey 3 ME, but once I started doing advanced tears and back cues, I noticed that the track wouldn't be exactly where I thought I left it on the wheel. This could be a Traktor 2 software or setup issue, but it's worth a mention.

Another minor issue was that the unit cannot use its internal soundcard to carry external timecode control from analog or digital decks. So far, the Traktor S4 seems to be the only controller on the market that can process internal timecode without the use of an external soundcard. Most people don't buy four-deck MIDI controllers for scratching or external timecode deck capabilities so these two gripes won't deter most controller users or enthusiasts. The final issue that I found with the Jockey 3 ME is that because of its compact size, the user will only have access to two deck EQ controls and line (volume) faders at one time.

Most other four deck controllers allow DJ's to only manipulate one jog wheel at a time per side as in the Jockey 3 ME, but the DJ still always have access to the volume and EQ controls of all four decks simultaneously. On the Jockey 3 ME, the user will have to flip the switches in order to gain access to the other deck line fader and EQ controls.

Conclusion / Recommended For recommends the Reloop Jockey 3 ME for those looking for a compact MIDI controller that can map well to Traktor Pro 2 and last for a long time. Mobile DJ's will benefit the most from this setup as it can act as a stand-alone backup mixer or a sturdy-all-metal MIDI controller. Beginners will also be at home on this unit as the layout looks just like the Traktor software and it makes it easier to learn on with a lot less buttons and knobs usually found on other controllers.. I wouldn't recommend this setup for serious scratching, but it is an excellent choice for DJ's who are really into mixing the Higher BPM club/house music. You can find a Jockey 3 ME on store shelves everywhere for $700, making it one of the best controllers in that price-point.


  • Completely Solid Metal Construction
  • Can work as a standalone (2-channel) mixer, as a MIDI device, or with a combination of both
  • Great all around jog wheel with tension and touch sensitivity adjustments
  • Excellent mapping with Traktor Pro 2 (Traktor Certified)
  • User replaceable Crossfader with Curve adjustment
  • Nice Compact Size


  • Mapping to jog wheels not suited for serious/rigorous scratching
  • Cannot use internal soundcard for external timecode decks (must have separate soundcard device)
  • Lack of simultaneous 4 channel Line and EQ controls (Must switch to other 2 decks)
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Features & Specs


PRO Traktor controller with 4 deck switching system incl. Traktor LE software ? from the team that brought you the sucessful Digital Jockey series
High-end 24 bit / 96 kHz audio interface with BurrBrown AD/DA converters and MIDI interface
Master Edition: analog sources such as turntables or CD players can be connected directly and also mixed without a computer
Full Metal Jockey: stable metal construction with bulletproof, 2mm top panel
Altogether 90 freely assignable MIDI controllers (54 buttons, 6 faders, 13 push encoders, 15 control dials, 2 touch-sensitive jog wheels)
Perfect control of all Traktor PRO features such as 8 cue points, smart loop-control, advanced effect control or track management
Perfect beat synchronization thanks to approved Traktor engine incl. iTunesĀ® integration
Also usable with every other MIDI software, e.g. Virtual DJ
Dual assignment of all elements due to shift layer
4 deck control with trigger switches, classic mixer-style
MIDI turbo mode updates itself each millisecond for ultra fast transmission and status update
New, ultra slim and even larger jog platters with vinyl grip
High-resolution jog wheels with up to 4096 impulses per rotation
Jog Drag: the jog wheel's drag can be adjusted according to one's performance preferences
All faders, control dials and buttons are in full-size club quality
Large, backlit, rubberized buttons with smooth-touch surface and optimized click point for fast triggering

technical data:

Digital Mixer Section:
- Stand alone mixing function: two analog phono/line inputs for the connection of turntables or CD players ? mixing of media also possible without a computer
- Each channel can be assigned to either 2 MIDI decks (A/C, B/D) or an analog input via toggle switch
- Exchangeable premium crossfader with adjustable curve
- Two Alpha PRO longlife 70 mm linefaders
- 3-fold EQ control plus filter function & gain
- CUE buttons for monitoring and CUE mix via 25 mm MINI fader
- VU meter LED for level modulation
- Power status & MIDI LEDs for monitoring

Player Section:
- 2 touch-sensitive (adjustable sensitivity), two-piece XXL jog wheels
- 4 jog modes: vinyl, CDJ, search & FX modulation
- Large transport section for PLAY, CUE, CUP and SYNC
- Two long, high-resolution 14 bit smooth-glide pitch faders for precise matching
- Two pitch bend buttons
- Designated control dials for filter and pan effects
- Extensive loop & sample section incl. 4 large CUE/LOOP trigger buttons on 2 banks
- Full effect control with 4 ample XL encoders and buttons for impulsive effect action

Master Section:
- 1x master control dial
- Separately adjustable booth output for DJ monitor
- 1x phones-level control dial
- Large TRAX encoder for quick, comfortable music library browsing (with 2 lit load buttons)

- Two analog inputs with phono/line mode switch
- Adjustable 6.3 mm jack mic input with software/master-routing switching
- Two headphones connections via 6.3 mm & 3.5 mm jack
- Two master outputs (symmetrical jack and asymmetrical RCA output)
- One booth output for DJ monitor
- Master thru connection for loop-in of a second controller (DJ team) or other source

- Anti-theft device: slot for Kensington safety lock
- LED dimming controller for brightness adjustment
- Shift-lock feature
- CUE master thru function
- Flexible input routing: all inputs can either be routed to software or master output

System Requirements PC:
- Windows XP (most recent SP, 32 bit), Win7 (most recent SP, 32 bit/64 bit)
- Pentium IV / Intel Core 2, 1.8 GHz (we do NOT recommend AMD processors)
- 2 GB RAM
- CD ROM/DVD drive

System Requirements MAC:
- OS X 10.5 or higher
- Intel Core Duo family (only Intel Macs), 1.66 GHz
- CD ROM/DVD drive

- Dimensions: 420 x 42 x 300 mm (w/h/d)
- Weight: 4.5 kg
- Incl. over 1 GB exclusive Jockey 3 Sample Pack with royalty-free loops, beats, FX and mixing tools (powered by LOOP MASTERS)
- Incl. Native Instruments Traktor LE DJ software (Traktor ready certified), low latency ASIO/CORE drivers for PC & MAC, mains adapter and USB cord

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