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The Reloop brand makes some great DJ equipment that we always review here in the Lab with good results.  They’ve decided to throw their hats into the production realm with the release of the new Reloop Keypad and Keyfadr controllers which are compact, USB-powered, and affordable DAW Workstations that both come bundled with Ableton Live Lite 9 to allow users to start creating music right out of the box.  The Keypad controller (pictured above) has the same 25 mini piano keys as the Keyfadr, but it also adds the 16 Velocity Sensitive (and backlit) pads that producers have grown to love.

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In Conclusion, the Reloop Keypad DAW production controller is a good way for beginner producers to get their feet wet in the world of beat-making. The Reloop Keypad is designed to have a mirrored layout to the Ableton Live production software on the computer and it comes bundled with Ableton Live 9 Lite to get producers started on their way to making beats. The Keypad is also very compact and USB powered so that it can easily be taken with users on the go. The Keypad also has some very good Velocity Sensitive performance pads that are very tactile and responsive when drumming or cueing. On the downside, the overall build quality of the Keypad is pretty cheap and plastic-like and the piano keys are really small for those of us with thicker fingers. Even with these shortcomings, the price of the Keypad is just right for beginners or for experienced producers who want an Ableton Live controller to take with them on the go.

For more on the Reloop Keypad, check out the website here.

Pros & Cons


  • Works Nicely with Ableton Live
  • Compact & USB Powered MIDI controller
  • 16 Velocity-Sensitive Performance Pads are tactile & responsive
  • Comes Bundled with Ableton Live 9 Lite


  • Inferior Build Quality
  • Small spring-loaded keys



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