Reloop RHP-30 Professional DJ Headphones Review

By | Posted October 4, 2013


The new RHP-30 Professional DJ headphones have full metal reinforcements, big oversized memory foam earpads/headband for comfort, and three different detachable cables to suit all DJ and everyday listening needs.  The RHP-30’s are the new top of the line headphones from the unique Reloop DJ brand and they decided to send us a set to see how they hold up in the DJ booth lab.

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Setup & First Impressions

Two years ago we brought you reviews of the entire Reloop headphone line-up including the RHP-5 on-the-ear DJ headphones, the RHP-10 affordable over-the-ear headphones, and the RHP-20 professional-grade DJ headphones. All three sets of headphones performed well for their price point. The RHP-20 headphones were, at the time, the top-of-the-line DJ headphones from Reloop and we thought it couldn’t really get much better in terms of ergonomics and sound quality. Reloop has recently released the RHP-30 Professional headphones for DJ’s that are now their top-tier headphones in the DJ space. Reloop sent us a set of Reloop RHP-30 Professional DJ Headphones to put through the tests...

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The construction and design of the Reloop RHP-30 headphones is very thick, oversized, and durable. They have a very rugged appearance and they are available in an all black version (reviewed and pictured) and a silver version. The black version have a nice shadow color scheme with a small silver ring around the earcups and you can also see the silver metal reinforcement bar that runs all the way through the headband and earcup holders. Most of the entire headphones have a black rubberized paint coating around the earcups and headband for a good and durable feel and grip.

The RHP-30’s are made up of both metal and plastic with metal reinforcements throughout. The hinge has a metal pin and the part that holds the actual earcups and attaches to the headband is metal. These headphones feel like they will last better than most and the build quality is definitely reassuring. I still wouldn’t want to drop them too many times because some parts are made of plastic and you wouldn’t want any damage to these parts. There is no swivel point to rotate the earcups for one ear monitoring, but they do have a folding hinge so they can collapse down for easy storage and transport. The hinge is on a metal pin and there are reinforcements of metal throughout. The Earcups and Headband are covered with a very thick and very plush synthetic leather which houses memory-foam for an extremely comfortable feel. These earcups in particular are very deep and they feel like a luxury item to be honest. We tested the Reloop RHP-30’s for a two-hour session and they were still light and comfy throughout. The earcups fit comfortable over the entire ears and they provide adequate isolation, but not the best. They don’t clamp down on the head hard enough to cause discomfort, but the headphones never felt loose while rocking out in the DJ booth.

The Reloop RHP-30 headphones come with three different cable types. This is a huge plus because this will appease many different users. First, they have a thin smartphone cable which has an in-line microphone and button for one touch dialing and audio play/pause. The second cable is a thick coiled DJ cable that can stretch to about 9ft and it has a screw-on style quarter-inch adapter on the end. The third cable is a 3ft flat non-tangle cable that I personally like the most, however the screw-on ¼-inch adapter can only be used with the coiled DJ cable. All of the cables have a thick end that locks into the headphone socket on the left earcup so it won’t be accidentally removed. The headphones also come with a thin and soft carry case, but I’d advise getting another case to carry them in as the soft cases never provide much protection overall.

Sound Quality

The Reloop RHP-30 headphones have very good sound quality with really elevated mids and tight bass handling. The sound quality is very comparable to headphones in its $300 price range. The RHP-30’s handled very high volumes well when in use with professional DJ mixers and other top controllers with high outputs. The sound isolation is also pretty good as there is a snug over-the-ear style fit that does a decent job at eliminating background noise. The highs were crisp without being shrill or tinny but they were a bit muted compared to the highly-elevated volume of the mids. The bass handled well and it is deep, but it doesn’t really rumble or resonate much within the earcups when compared to other over-the-ear DJ models that are more bass-heavy. The elevated mid volume is good in the DJ booth as DJ’s use this EQ band for accurate beatmatching. There was slight distortion at super-high volumes, but nothing that hindered the monitoring experience inside the DJ booth. These headphones also sound great when in use with computers and smartphones.

Conclusion / Recommended For

In conclusion, the Reloop RHP-30 Professional DJ headphones are great for DJ’s and Performers who want a very big and bulky style over-the-ear headphone that are built to last and sound great in the DJ booth and for all around listening needs. The RHP-30’s also have a folding hinge design for easy transport, and they come with three different cable types to appease all users. The RHP-30’s have elevated mids and tight bass response for good sound quality and the plush/oversized padding in the earcups and headband are very comfortable. The only minor gripes I could find with the RHP-30’s was that they don’t have the rotating swivel joint for one-ear monitoring like the RHP-20’s and they don’t come with a hard case for protection. If these aren’t sticking points for you and you’re in the market for a new set of Professional Grade over-the-ear style headphones, then the RHP-30's should definitely be on your short-list…


  • Really Thick & Durable Plastic & Metal Construction with Metal Reinforcement
  • Folding Design for Easy Storage and Transport
  • Comes with Three High-Quality Cable types (Coiled, Flat, & In-line Mic)
  • Great Sound Quality; High-Volume Mids & Good Bass Handling
  • Very plush and comfortable over-sized padding in Earcups & Headband


  • No swivel joint rotation for one-ear monitoring
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