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By | Posted March 1, 2004


The Urei 1601 E is the Urei 1601 mixer with additional digital onboard sound effects!

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Features & Specs

The UREI 1601E Effects section is built around a core of five effects (filter, delay, pan, cutter and flanger), but also has a set of 25 combo presets in five banks, which allow DJs very easy access to a range of unique chained effects sounds. For example, one preset could include a combination of filter, flange and delay effects. The effects can be individually assigned to each channel, and a bpmfx cross-fader allows the DJ to select the desired degree of effect and original sound with a wet/dry mix.

Two effect parameter controls provide a unique way of modulating key parameters of each effect currently selected, plus there are five selectable effects speeds from 1/4 to 2/1.

A separate three-band isolator allows the DJ to select which frequencies of the music pass through the effects section (LF, MID or HF).

UREI’s powerful bpm analysis engine automatically synchronizes the effects to the track bpm making the effects very easy to use allowing the DJ to concentrate on the effects parameters in the mix. Tap mode allows the DJ to manually set the effects bpm by tapping it in (very useful on tracks with no detectable bpm like scratch records and acapellas.)

All the standard features of the 1601 are retained of course, such as user friendliness, robust design, connectivity for six inputs, unique UREI Exciter section, 3-band isolator EQ, headphone EQ, adjustable channel fader curves both pro and standard output connectors and of course the legendary Urei sound.

UREI 1601E has the Same Features as 1601 but also has a built in FX Unit
• 5 Core Effects-Filter, Delay, Pan, Cutter, and Flanger
• 25 Combo Presets in Five Banks for Easy Access of Unique Chained Sounds
• Effects Can Be Assigned to Either Channel
• FX BPM Engine Automatically Syncs FX to Source Music
• Cross Fader allows Blending of FX and Music (Wet/Dry)
• 3 Band Isolator on FX Channel

Two stereo channels with both phono and line level input, trim control and input clip LED (helps avoid distortion)
3 band EQ (Low, Mid, Hi) on both channels providing full cut through to +6dB boost
Separate mic/line input with dedicated insert point and 2 band EQ
Input fader slope control and reverse facility
Comprehensive Aux/FX section with separate send/return levels and select options (attach external effects units)
Dedicated Booth and House outputs, provided on both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA phono connectors (club quality outputs)
Mono/stereo switching on both Booth and Master outs
Send-and-return FX loop (attach external effects units)
80Hz HPF for removing turntable rumble (instantly cuts out feedback)
10 segment input/output metering with peak hold (super clear monitoring)
Exciter section with frequency and mix controls (boost bad vinyl quality and scratches)
High quality 45mm user-replaceable crossfader with reverse and rotary curve control
25mm user-replaceable monitor crossfader
Flexible headphone monitoring section, with level, EQ and master/cue switching (large and small backlit jacks easy to find in the dark and eq helps avoid deafening)
Session In & Out facility allow daisy chaining of mixers (for group session)
Control surface Anodic printed top panel. Legend won't wear off
Open battle area around main faders
Easy removed top panel by six screws to allow access to user serviceable parts

Five preset effects (flange, cutter, filter, delay and pan) and 5 banks of 5 effects combinations (25 presets)
Automatic or manual (tap) effects bpm synchronisation
X-Y Modulation Controls
Bpm-fx cross-fader for wet/dry balance
Three-band isolator for bandpass in effects channel
Selectable effects speed
Digital, tape and vintage delay types
Triangle, rise and fall LFO wave-forms
Bpm lock indicator

CHECK OUT THE EFFECTS: http://www.ureidj.com/product_1601E_samples.aspx

• Two Line/Phono input channels and a Mic/Line input, with switchable line levels on phono inputs
This console is perfect for performance DJs, and can connect up to 4 CD sources or 2 CD/2 turntables
• Mic defeat on Booth output
The DJ can listen to the mix in his monitors without fear of mic feedback.
• Open and Smooth battle area
The DJ can work in an open area when manipulating switches and faders
Headphone Output with independent EQ
The DJ can EQ the sound of the headphone output independently of any channel EQ adjustments.
• Backlit headphone socket
It’s easy to find the headphone socket in the dark
• Input/cross-fader curve control and reverse facilities
Allows the most flexibility for the different types of DJ styles and techniques
More user-replaceable parts than any other mixer
Including Cross-fader and input faders Phono/Line switches Headphone cross-fader Channel EQ sections Sampler
• Internally Switchable –10dB and –20dB input pads
Allows DJ’s to set up the gain structure to better match the source equipment
• Exciter Section
DJ’s can select certain frequencies and enhance them in the mix. No other DJ mixer currently has this function,
and other mixers would require external processing.
• Customizable positioning of phono/line switches
DJ’s can fit the switches in the orientation that best suits their techniques
• Session in/out facility
DJs can daisy-chain mixers to allow multiple DJ’s to work at once.
• Anodic Printed Fascia/Top Panel
Labeling and Printing on the panel will not wear off. Mixer remains minty fresh looking

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5 Defects arising as a result of the following are not covered by this Warranty: faulty or negligent handling, chemical or electro-chemical or electrical influences, accidental damage, Acts of God,
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