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The 1605 is a high performance 7 channel club mixer with legendary Urei sound and Soundcraft quality construction. This mixer offers the installer, engineer and pro DJ all the features they need for the perfect all round club mixer.

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Features & Specs

The UREI 1605 Installation Music Mixers provide a fully-featured control centre for Clubs and Performing DJs. With the legendary UREI sound quality, stunning looks and Soundcraft's exacting manufacturing construction, they are set to become the new standard in clubs worldwide. No club mixer has been designed to allow total integration with the club sound system while offering the pro dj all necessary the tools of the trade.


The 1605 offers many user friendly features for the club installer/sound engineer - most notably; a rotatable rear connector for table top or rack mount installation, input and output gain controls to configure the mixer to your set up, flexible connectivity for a range of inputs, external mute function AND Soundcraft professional input /output connectivity for unrivaled sound quality.

The 1605 also offers the Dj many pro features making life as a club dj that bit easier - most notably; the huge range of input possibilities (including convenient top panel aux in connectors), fx send and return, super smooth 3 band isolator EQ, ultra clear LED level monitoring, flexible and unique monitoring features within both the booth controls and the headphone monitoring AND of course the famous Urei sound.

# 7 Full-function stereo channels

# Each has inputs selectable from Mic, Phono and Line connections

# Phono inputs are switchable to become Line level, individually

# Mic insert on channel 1 for ease of connecting external processing

# Rotateable rear panel allows connectors to be located on the rear or underneath of the console (for best cable access)

# External mute function mutes all channels except mic channel 1 to allow PA announcements but mutes music

# 3-band EQ on Channel 1 (Mic) +/-12dB

# 3-band ISOLATOR EQ on channels 2-7, isolating from full cut to +6dB

# 1 Aux send per channel: - Channel sends switchable pre/post fader individually; Aux Return conveniently located on top panel and can be assigned to crossfader

# Comprehensive CUE/Monitoring system, - Aux Send can be CUE'd to headphones, Aux Return can be CUE'd to headphones

# VCA-based crossfader reduces fader noise and allows fully variable control curves for total control of crossfade mixing style

# Headphone output on ΒΌ" and Mini-jack connectors

# EQ on headphone output

# Booth and Master Outputs on XLR, balanced and RCA, unbalanced

# Comprehensive booth controls - EQ, mute function and L/R/stereo output selector

# Separate master mono output

# High Pass filter on Master and booth outputs eliminates stage or turntable rumble

# Balance control on Master output

# Master and booth Output Mono switching

# Dj Mic (channel 1 only) to booth output defeat switch

# Tri-colour LED shows Signal/Beat/Peak metering

# Split Cue Headphone switch

# Flip function switches Cue and Mix in headphones (L and R)

# 10-segment Blue/White/Red LED output metering, which can read Left/Right or Split Cue/Mix

# Integral rack ears for easy desktop/rack mounting

# Individual channel gain structure controls (boost - +14db or reduce -10db)

# Master output attenuator pads (engineer only -10 db and -20db)

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