V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless Headphones Review

By | Posted May 5, 2017


V-MODA has just released their first wireless earbuds called the V-MODA Forza Metallo which have great sound, a wrap-around neck design, and many different fittings for the ears to fit each user just right.  V-MODA has taken their headphone expertise to make high quality in ear buds with superior construction CNC aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum with 3D custom handcrafted caps.  Check out our quick written review after the jump.

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I've been in search of a pair of great sounding yet affordable wireless headphones since bluetooth technology became ubiquitous a few years ago.

Bouncing between Wireless Beats (ears get too hot and not ideal for exercise) and some cheaper wireless buds (poor sound quality and unstable connection) - I still hadn't found the ideal headphones that works in every setting. That is until I unboxed the V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless headphones. I've had V-Moda's over-ear M-100's before and was always impressed the the sound quality, fit & price of those headphones, but I've always been more of an in-ear bud guy in general.

The Forza Metallo's scores high in my 3 aforementioned categories - Sound Quality, Fit & Price.

Sound Quality: The sound is crisp no matter what type of music I was listening to. I could hear the rich layers of a classic Bowie rock song but also the clean bounce of a contemporary Calvin Harris Pop song. The only area that I would have liked to hear a little more is bass.

Fit: My favorite part of these headphones! At first, I was turned off by the plastic neck rest, thinking it was unnecessary bulk. BUT, i quickly changed my tune realizing that this solved the most irritating problem I experienced wth my previous wireless buds - the buds falling out when exercising.

The neck rest keeps them in place and balanced easily while also vibrating when powering on or off (or getting a phone call). The sport fins are the last line of defense against the buds falling out of your ears - ensuring your work out doesn't stop. One other benefit of the bud form factor is that you can easily lay on your side without the pillow jamming the bud into your ear drums.

Price: The US $170 Price tag isn't the cheapest, but the value is clearly there as these headphones can be used in any or all scenarios. Running, biking, talking on the phone, sitting at your workspace or sleeping!

A few small but cool features that speak to the attention to detail are the color coded ear bud options (we've all mixed up the sizes of the different buds that come with headphones) and the Voice Assistant Control - Summon Siri or OK Google by holding down the main button for 3 seconds. Very convenient if you want to answer a text back or change the playlist!

Conclusion / Recommended For

All in all I highly recommend these headphones if you are in the under US $200 range and it may even be worth it to pony up a few more dollars if you were in the $100 range. You won't regret it.

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