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Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 Review

The Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 is the latest and greatest Pioneer media player which has a new 7-inch touchscreen, higher audio resolution, 8 accessible RGB hotcues, colored waveforms, and all the other goodies that came from the original model.  They can also be paired with the DDJ-SP1 to access all 8 hotcues and better drumming on the pads.  Check out our full in-depth video review inside.

Pioneer XDJ-R1 Wireless DJ System Review

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 is a new all-in-one DJ system that can be used in many different ways and using many different combinations of media for music playback.  The Pioneer XDJ-R1 can function as a two-deck DJ controller that can work with almost any DJ software of your choice (comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE).  The XDJ-R1 can also function as a true standalone two channel DJ mixer, it can playback audio files directly from on-board USB flash/hard drives, and it can even be used in conjunction with Rekordbox and Remotebox in order to wirelessly control most of the DJ functions using compatible iOS & Android Wi-Fi enabled devices that are running the Rekordbox Pioneer DJ library software.  The XDJ-R1 goes even a step further than the XDJ-AERO we reviewed late last year by adding dual CD slots in the front of the XDJ-R1 to allow users to playback music from CD’s.  All of these functions can be performed on each deck individually meaning the DJ has the choice of using the XDJ-R1 in hybrid mode to mix between different tracks in various different playback modes.

Denon DJ SC2900 Mutli-Media Player Review

The Denon DJ SC2900 is the new jog-wheel based multi-media playback DJ device that shares almost all of the same features and functions of the Denon DJ SC3900 which we reviewed last year.  The Denon DJ SC3900 was a definite success for DJ’s who wanted the closest vinyl-feel possible, but still gave the DJ options to play music using various forms of media or computer/tablet connectivity.  It only makes sense that Denon would now focus its efforts on appeasing the DJ’s who want a CDJ-like jog wheel feel.

Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus Review

The Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus is the new flagship Pioneer Multi-Media deck with some nice improvements over the original CDJ-2000 with the inclusion of Beat Sync, Slip-Mode, Wireless Rekordbox Integration, Perfect Traktor HID Integration, and a new updated display with Zoom Waveforms and color indicators.  Check out my new update review video and writeup to see if this costly upgrade is worth the price of admission.

Numark Mixdeck Quad Review

The Numark Mixdeck Quad is a new DJ station that can do many different things all at the same time.  The Mixdeck Quad is like having two full-featured Numark NDX-900 multi-media players attached to a Numark mixer all neatly integrated into one versatile unit that can also double as a DJ controller when connected to a computer or an iPad.  Check out my full HD-Video and written reviews after the jump.

Denon DJ SC3900 Mutli-Media Player Review

The newest mutli-media player from Denon DJ has finally arrived in the Lab for a full HD-Video review!  The much anticipated Denon DJ SC3900 has hit the DJ scene a couple of months ago and everyone who’s gotten the chance to use one has given it nothing but praises and accolades.  This versatile deck can be used with CD and USB drives, and can as a MIDI controller with Hybrid DVS control mode that works with Serato and Traktor.  Check out the full rundown review video inside to see if this powerful deck has what it takes to make it’s way into your own personal setup.

Gemini CDJ-700 Multi-Media Player w/MIDI Review

The latest and greatest CD deck from Gemini DJ Division is finally here after a pretty long wait.  Introducing the Gemini CDJ-700 Multi-Media player with full MIDI Mappable capabilities.  The Gemini CDJ-700 can play CD’s, SD cards, USB Mass Storage Devices, and it also boasts iPhone/iPod/iPad playback as well as being a fully MIDI mappable controller for computer DJ’s.  The familiar Pioneer-CDJ-style layout makes it easy for veterans and beginners to pick it up and start playing right out of the box.  Check out my full HD-Video review inside.

Stanton CMP.800 Multi-Format Player with MIDI Control Review

A couple of weeks ago we received a Brand New Stanton CMP.800 Multi-Media player right on our doorstep courtesy of Stanton DJ Division for a complete review video to show the masses what this compact player is all about.  After my time with the Stanton CMP.800, I was able to see a very versatile DJ device with a huge feature-set, a plethora of media playback options, and a system that was built with the active DJ in mind.  There is no other $400 Multi-Media player on the market today that can do everything that the CMP.800 is capable of.  Check out our full video review of the Stanton CMP.800 after the jump.

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