CD Turntables Reviews

Technics SL-DZ1200 Review

Technics entry into the Digital Turntable market, the SL-DZ1200 is definitely making a big splash into the CD turntable market! Equipped with a variety of great features and the same trusted direct drive motor as Technics vinyl turntables, the SL-DZ1200 is a great piece of equipment. Click below to find out more!

Denon DN-S3500 Review

The Denon DN-S3500 features a powerful direct-drive motor and customizable slipmats, giving it a feel that is almost identical to using a vinyl turntable.  Click below to read our review!


NUMARK CDX CD Turntables offer an experience almost identical to using real vinyl. The NUMARK CDX has construction similar to the NUMARK TTX-1 turntable with a real 12 inch platter and large stop/stop buttons. It even has a real record and slipmat on top of the platter.

Pioneer CDJ-200 Review

The Pioneer CDJ-200 is an awsome mixing machine at a better-than-average price point!

Stanton C.324 CD Turntable Review

Packing all of the benefits of our best-selling C.314 plus an abundance of upgraded features, the new C.324 is a must-have for any true CD DJ.

Pioneer CDJ-350 Review

The CDJ-350 will allow users to create DJ performances with various digital music files including MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF files that are stored on different forms of media, including USB mass storage device class products1 or CD-R/RW discs.

Numark Mixdeck DJ System Review

MIXDECK is a complete system for every DJ who blends different kinds of music sources. Whether your music is on CDs, MP3 CDs, USB flash drives, iPod, your computer, or even other analog players, you can mix and perform with it all using MIXDECK.

Pioneer CDJ-850 Review

The CDJ-850 player adopts many of the technical advances made in the industry standard pro-series versions and invites all levels of DJs to create, perform and share mixes like a professional. Pioneer is dedicated to bringing DJs the best audio/video and live performance products. For newer DJs looking to elevate and greatly enhance their performance and creativity, Pioneer’s CDJ-850 delivers enhanced mixing features, excellent audio quality and a new platform for them to share their music.

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