CD Players Reviews

Stanton C-504 Review

The Stanton C.504 is the top of the line Stanton Dual CD player with super-sized jog wheels!

Stanton S-550 Review

The S-550 is Stanton’s entry-level dual CD player. It offers many of the useful features found in the S-650 but most notably lacks the seamless loop. Many features at a good price.

Numark CDN36 Review

Numarks lowest tier dual CD player still offers numerous of useful features such as seamless looping, fader start, and a BPM counter. Although it lacks features found in the higher price Numark models, such as the real time scratching, the CDN36 is still a good buy at its price.

Tascam CD-X1700 Review

The Tascam CD-X1700 professional Dual CD Player is one of the best on the market!

Tascam CD-X1500 Review

The Tascam CD-X1500 is a professional dual CD player with many powerful CD playing options.

Denon DN-D9000 Review

The Denon DN-D9000 is one of the most advanced Dual CD players on the market!

Denon DN-D6000 Review

The Denon DN-D6000 is an impressive dual CD player with great quality and MP3 features.

Pioneer CMX-3000 Review

The Pioneer CMX-3000 dual CD player provides you with total control of your mix!

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