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I-MEGO Throne Gold Headphones Review

I-Mego is a relatively new company with a nice line of headphones of all shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of listening styles and needs.  The I-Mego Throne headphones are the main style of headphones that they carry that could possibly fit the bill for DJ’s needs.  Check out my Full HD-Video and written reviews inside to see if they are good enough to be used by the real working DJ.

Marshall Major Headphones Review

Marshall is known throughout the World for creating some of the best sounding Guitar Amps that anyone have ever heard.  Marshall has taken the same ingenuity found in their guitar amps and applied it to their first on-the-ear designed headphones called the Marshall Major.  The Marshall Major headphones have a cool throwback look and feel to them and they really feel like a product that belongs in the Marshall family.  The big question is whether or not they are suitable for DJ’s.  Check out our answer in my HD-Video review after the jump.

DJ Q-Bert Ortofon Concorde Cartridge Review

The DJ Q-Bert Ortofon Concorde DJ Cartridge is made specifically for scratch and hip-hop style DJ’s who want a needle to stay in the groove under extreme scratching and back-cueing situations.  These were co-designed by the legendary turntablist DJ Q-bert to provide great handling, high output, and low record wear.  The one-piece Concord design makes installation a breeze and allows DJ’s to easily see the area of the record that the needle will sit in the groove.  Check out my unboxing and mini-review video inside.

DigitalDeckCovers.com Turntable & Mixer Covers Review

DigitalDeckCovers.com has filled a void in the DJ equipment cover market that really needed some addressing.  Finally there is a company that will allow DJ’s to cover their gear and protect their investment from dust, debris, and any other foreign material that may harm your gear.  The Digital Deck covers come in different types of fabric and colors to suit any style.  The Digital Deck Covers are all custom made to the exact measurements of you individual piece of DJ gear.  Check out our complete rundown review video and get your 10% off Coupon Code inside!

MIXMATS.com Custom DJ Slipmats (Video) Review

Everyone who spins vinyl on a set of analog turntables is eventually going to need a nice quality set of slipmats in order to perfect your craft.  Every turntable usually comes with some form of slipmat but it would be much better to have something better suited to your own style and taste.  Introducing the new high-quality custom slipmats by MIXMATS.com.  These Mixmats slipmats have a nice heavy weight to them and the image reproduction is stunning.  Check out our quick rundown review video for more details and to get your limited time off discount code after the jump.

Decksaver NI Traktor Kontrol S2 Cover Review

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 was just released a couple of months ago and it’s already looking like another success.  My full HD-Video review of the S2 is coming soon, but I’ve got a quick accessory review for those of you who need the perfect item to go with your newly purchase S2.  Decksaver has just shipped the new polycarbonate covers for the Traktor Kontrol S2 and Mixware.net was gracious enough to send me one to review in the process.  The Decksaver products will protect your gear from debris, smoke, dust, and liquids.  They always fit like a glove and give your gear a stylish look when not in use.  Check out my full HD-Video rundown review video after the jump.

Beamz C4BSB DJ Player Controller Review

Check out our full written review of the new Laser Interactive DJ MIDI controller called the Beamz C4BSB.  This new innovative controller uses beams of light to trigger loops, cue points, samples and just about anything else that is MIDI mappable within your favorite DJ Software.  Our resident DJ Gear Reviewer Jeremiah put the new Beamz laser system controller to the test and you don’t want to miss the results.  Full Written Review after the jump.

iKey-Audio RM3 Digital Recorder Review

DJ Blaze takes the iKey-Audio RM3 Digital Rack Mounted recorder through it’s paces to give us this full written review…If you need an external digital recording device that you can easily record your set on and take it with you in a USB drive or SD card then the RM3 is going to be the right choice for you!  (full written review inside).

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