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Stanton DJC.4 DJ Controller Review

The new Stanton DJC.4 is the newest and compact Digital DJ controller that comes bundled with a four-deck version of Virtual DJ LE and boasts a solid build quality which comes in at a great price-point in today’s DJ market.  Check out my full HD-Video and written review to see how the DJC.4 stacks up to the rest.

Stanton STR8-150/ST-150 Turntables Review Review

The Stanton ST.150 and STR8.150 Professional Vinyl turntables are arguably the best DJ turntables with the best motor out on the market today!  I just traded in my set of Denon DJ DN-S3700’s for a new set of Stanton ST.150’s to “go back to my vinyl roots”.  So I decided to complete a quick unboxing & quick rundown review video so you know exactly what you are getting if you decide to pick up a set for your own DJ needs.  These decks have been around for a while, so the HD Review Video is short and sweet…

Stanton CMP.800 Multi-Format Player with MIDI Control Review

A couple of weeks ago we received a Brand New Stanton CMP.800 Multi-Media player right on our doorstep courtesy of Stanton DJ Division for a complete review video to show the masses what this compact player is all about.  After my time with the Stanton CMP.800, I was able to see a very versatile DJ device with a huge feature-set, a plethora of media playback options, and a system that was built with the active DJ in mind.  There is no other $400 Multi-Media player on the market today that can do everything that the CMP.800 is capable of.  Check out our full video review of the Stanton CMP.800 after the jump.

Stanton GrooveMaster.V3 Cartridge Review

Check out the full rundown review video of the Stanton Groovemaster.V3 MP4 high-end club integrated headshell cartridges.  We completed a written review a while back on these, but wanted to provide everyone with a bit more detail and a nice video to go along with it.  Big Shout-outs to Stanton for sending a new set of Matched Pair needles for the testing.  The Groovemaster needles are perfect for high-quality audio playback and mixing style DJ’s.  Watch the video review inside to see if the Groovemasters are right for you.

Stanton SCS.4DJ Digital DJ Mixstation Review

The all new Stanton SCS.4DJ Controller is well on the way to a store near you.  Stanton has managed to be unique amongst a plethora of media controllers out there by allowing the DJ to use the SCS.4DJ without a computer!  The software is pre-loaded so all one has to do is add music and start rockin!

Stanton SCS-1 Digital DJ Controller System Review

Stanton has sent us a complete SCS-1 Digital DJ System for a complete video review.  I’ve wanted to get my hands on this system for over a year now, but I’m happy I waited because now the system is better than ever with a new software configuration and a Pro-X-Fade Crossfader upgrade.  Check inside for the full video review to see if the SCS-1 system lives up to expectations.

Stanton M.203 Mixer Review

The Stanton M.203 is the recently-released entry level scratch mixer that does many things well, all for an easy $100.  The Stanton M.203 comes sporting the same all-steel rugged chassis and color scheme as its bigger brother, the Stanton M.207.  Also included is a nice Alpha Crossfader (with switchable curve controls) and a full 3-band EQ for each channel.  Stanton was gracious enough to send a unit to me as soon as they hit the market and I was happy to put it through the paces.

Stanton M.207 Mixer Review

DJ Blaze of delivers the review of the new Stanton M.207 Professional Scratch Mixer!  After a four-year hiatus, Stanton is back with a brand new professional-grade scratch mixer with innovative FX features and high grade materials.  Read more to see if it really lives up to the hype…

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