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Numark Mixdeck Quad Review

The Numark Mixdeck Quad is a new DJ station that can do many different things all at the same time.  The Mixdeck Quad is like having two full-featured Numark NDX-900 multi-media players attached to a Numark mixer all neatly integrated into one versatile unit that can also double as a DJ controller when connected to a computer or an iPad.  Check out my full HD-Video and written reviews after the jump.

Numark 4TRAK Traktor DJ Controller Review

The new Numark 4Trak digital DJ controller is a heavy-duty and full-featured DJ controller that comes with the new Traktor 2 software and provides four decks of digital control.  The 4TRAK is basically the Traktor edition of the super-popular Numark NS6 Serato Itch controller that was released last year.  Numark is now giving Traktor users a reason to jump for joy as this is truly one of the absolute BEST Traktor controllers on the market today.  Check out my full HD-Video review to see why.

Numark N4 Digital DJ Controller Review

The Numark N4 Digital DJ controller is a nice versatile unit that allows users to use many different types of software (two are included) to control the music.  The N4 can act as a standalone mixer or in combination with timecode DVS playback decks for external CDJ or vinyl control.  There are cue points, effects, samples, and loops for DJ’s to have fun with and so much more.  Check out the full HD-Video review and a few words from yours truly to see what the N4 is all about.

Numark NS6 Digital DJ Controller Review

The Numark NS6 is a 4-channel Digital DJ controller with complete built-in mixer and four decks of software control. The Numark NS6 is now on store shelves EVERYWHERE!  Before you go out and purchase your NS6, check out our full VIDEO review brought to you by yours truly, DJ BLAZE.  We have a complete product breakdown and Demo to share with you all in this 22 minute review video.  Check inside for the full video review and summary page.

Numark X5 Mixer Review

Numark, creator of the first 100% digital DJ mixer, continues to develop digital mixing with X5. This two-channel, 24-bit, high-resolution mixer contains high-end analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog circuitry and powerful look-ahead limiters at the master, booth, and headphone outputs to deliver virtually lossless, clip-proof audio performance.  I took tested the Numark X5 to its limits for the complete written review INSIDE!

Numark V7 Controller Review

The Numark V7 is a completely digital Media controller (MIDI) interface that allows DJ’s to scratch, mix, loop, effect, sample, and play any music file straight from the user’s desktop or laptop computer.  The Numark V7 platform is loosely based on their successful Numark NS7 system, sharing the same actively spinning 7-inch platter and overall construction and design cues.

Numark HDMIX Media Controller Review

The Numark HDMIX is a complete DJ setup in a single unit that can play and mix music from a variety of different sources including an included internal hard drive.  The unit features a fully-functional three-channel mixer and LCD screen command center.

Numark NS7 Controller Review

The NS7 Controller from Numark delivers high-resolution control so powerful, you’ll wonder how you ever DJ’d without it.  The NS7 Controller is a dedicated controller for Serato™ ITCH. It ships with Serato ITCH and comes ready to control the DJ software of your choice, including Serato ITCH and Numark’s CUE DJ software.

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