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Gemini CDJ-700 Multi-Media Player w/MIDI Review

The latest and greatest CD deck from Gemini DJ Division is finally here after a pretty long wait.  Introducing the Gemini CDJ-700 Multi-Media player with full MIDI Mappable capabilities.  The Gemini CDJ-700 can play CD’s, SD cards, USB Mass Storage Devices, and it also boasts iPhone/iPod/iPad playback as well as being a fully MIDI mappable controller for computer DJ’s.  The familiar Pioneer-CDJ-style layout makes it easy for veterans and beginners to pick it up and start playing right out of the box.  Check out my full HD-Video review inside.

Gemini GVX-SUB15P Powered Subwoofer Review

Our good friend’s over at Gemini DJ has sent us a new GVX series powered subwoofer to put it through the same tests that we issued to the GVX loudspeakers.  The Gemini GVX-SUB15P is a 400 watts continuously powered system with an on-board amplifier, crossover, and a host of input and output options making it a very versatile system good for any DJ or performer.  Watch my full HD-video review of the Gemini GVX-SUB15P to see if this subwoofer system is something you might make apart of your setup.

Gemini GVX-15 Speakers & XP-6000 Amplifier Review

Gemini has been creating all types of DJ and Pro-Audio equipment at great prices for years now.  I haven’t personally used a set of Gemini Speakers and Amplifier for over 10 years.  I thought this was the perfect time to test the new top-of-the-line Gemini Pro speakers and Pro amplifier package to let everyone know how their Pro Audio gear would stack up to the rest.  Gemini has sent me a set of GVX-15 (15-inch woofer) 2-way Passive Speakers along with an XP-6000 professional power amplifier to put it through the test.  Check out my full HD-Video review of this package after the jump.

Gemini CNTRL-7 USB DJ Controller Review

Our good friends over at Gemini DJ sent us the First CNTRL-7 Digital DJ Controller review unit for this exclusive full Video Review and Demonstration.  This compact controller packs a huge punch with serious features like the sample banks, effects, loops, and hot cues.  The CNTRL-7 can also be used as a standalone mixer with dedicated inputs and a bunch of outputs. Check out the review video inside to see how the Gemini units stacks up against the competition.

Gemini First Mix Controller Review

The Gemini FIRSTMIX is your gateway to becoming a DJ! With a computer and the FIRSTMIX, anyone can begin their forays into DJing without breaking the bank or their pockets.  I was able to get my hands on a Gemini First Mix in order to put it through the test.  I was impressed with this compact player, so come on in and check out the review to see if this is right for you.  Full Video Review Inside!

Gemini CDT-05 Review

The Gemini CDT-05 is a hybrid professional turntable that features a CD player and an analog turntable all in one unit!

Gemini PS-626-X Review

The LEGENDARY Gemini PS-626-X mixer is finally back by popular demand with a better Fader and more Goodies!!!

Gemini CTRL-SIX Controller Review

The Gemini CTRL-SIX is a powerful MIDI controller for use with DJ software, such as Gemini’s GROOVE, combined with a traditional input/output mixer section with a soundcard. The Gemini CTRL-SIX comes with a total of 46 buttons, 5 faders, and 18 rotary knobs that all come MIDI-mapped for use with your choice of DJ software.

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