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Gemini TT-2000 Review

The Gemini TT-2000 is a professional direct drive turntable built on a robust ABS base and enclosure with heavy, adjustable rubber feet to completely eliminate external vibration feedback.

Gemini TT-1100 USB Turntable Review

With The Gemini TT-1100 USB, Not only can you listen to your records, but you can also convert them to DIGITAL MP3s INSTANTLY.

Gemini TT-1000 Turntable Review

The newly designed Gemini TT-1000 is the most economical turntable that can be used in a studio/home setup or on the road.

Gemini CDX-1250 Review

The Gemini CDX-1250 is the economical CD player for DJ’s who just want to play music without all the bells and whistles.

Gemini CDJ-600 Review

Gemini’s CDJ-600 Professional CD/MP3/USB Tabletop CD Player gives you the ability to play MP3 files from any USB storage device and built in Scratch effect!

Gemini PS-828EFX Mixer Review

The Gemini PS-828EFX is equipped with all the essentials DJs need and want, plus a built-in high-quality Digital Effects section (Filter, Flanger& Trans) that can be individually assigned to any of the 3 channels.

Gemini MM-1800 Mixer Review

When it comes to multi-purpose 19-inch audio mixers, Gemini has you covered with the MM-1800 - a line of multifaceted audio mixers designed to suit the needs of the performing DJ, and with 7 RCA line inputs, 2 convertible RCA phono/line inputs, and 3 mic inputs, you’ll never have to search for an extra set of jacks to plug into!

Gemini MM-2400 Mixer Review

The Gemini MM-2400 features 6 digital effects with Dual 10-Band Graphic EQ with on-off switch allows you to tweak your sound to the level of your satisfaction.

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