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Vesatx PMC-07 Pro Review

A high-end 2-channel mixer great for all applications, especially scratching. Features include durable PVC faders, improved sound quality, and powerful 3 band EQs. Hamster switch reverses the crossfader to suit a scratch DJ’s preference. Also offers curve adjustment for crossfader and channel faders.

Vestax PMC-08Pro Mixer Review

The Vestax PMC-08 PRO is a high quality 2-channel mixer with a fully adjustable crossfader and digital sound quality.

Vestax PMC-08Pro 2 Review

Vestax is best known for it’s scratch mixers, and over recent years the PMC-05, 06 and 07Pro have become the choice of top turntablists around the world, and this year Vestax is unveiling it’s latest addition to this genre, the VESTAX PMC-08PRO 2. This new hybrid mixer offers a combination of technologies, with digital processing for supreme quality and flexibility, and an analogue interface for true dj-style control.

Vestax PDX-3000 Mk2 Review

The Vestax PDX-3000 MKII direct drive turntable is the newest Vestax turntable release with some cool features that brings the analog world and digital world together with some serious features and high quality workmanship.

Vestax VCI-100mkII Review

Meeting the demands of the computer DJ scene, the Vestax VCI100 MKII DJ Controller Control Surface provides you full control over various DJ software at your fingertips.

Vestax PMC-06Pro Black Mixer Review

Vestax introduces the new style of scratch mixer for professional DJs. The PMC-06PROA has “shaped up” style to fit between two turntables with minimum distance in between. All-faders and switches are laid out for perfect one-hand operation.

Vestax VCI-300mkII DJ Controller Review

The Vestax VCI-300 is a dedicated DJ USB MIDI / Audio system and software offering absolute control with Serato Itch!

Vestax PMC-580Pro Mixer Review

The significant layout of the buttons and knobs of the Vestax PMC-580Pro enable DJs to control 6 different effects and different parameters all at once!

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