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Ecler EVO 4 Mixer Review

The Ecler EVO 4 is a 4 channel digital mixer addressed to professional DJ and club installations.

Ecler EVO 5 Review

The Ecler EVO 5 mixer is the perfect tool for today’s DJs and producers thanks to its unique combination of a state of the art internal 12 channel FireWire sound card, the highest digital sound quality at 24bit/96kHz, flexible MIDI control and the most powerful built-in editable effects processor available in the marketplace.

Ecler NUO 2 Review

The ECLER NU0 2 is a 2+1 compact channel stereo mixer featuring fader and crossfader shape adjustment, pre and post effects send/return and kill switches for treble, mid and bass frequencies.

Ecler NUO 3 Review

The Ecler Nuo 3 is the 3 channel version of the critically acclaimed Ecler Nuo 2 mixer!

Ecler HAK 380 Review

ECLER has launched an all new HAK 380! Designed to be the ULTIMATE scratch mixer, the HAK 380 has many advantages over the HAK 360.

Ecler HAK 360 Review

The Ecler HAK 360 is definitely rated amongst the top 10 Scratch Mixers of all time with its sleek design, ultra smooth layout, and superior sound quality.

Ecler HAK 320 Review

The Ecler HAK 320 is regarded by some as the best overall Scratch Mixer of its time.

Ecler HAK 310 Review

The Ecler HAK 310 is an AWSOME and powerful Scratch mixer that is sure to deliver!

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