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Denon MCX8000 Review

The flagship Denon DJ MCX8000 Controller is a monstrous DJ controller is sporting a solid metal chassis all around, dual hi-res screens for playback information, 16 RGB Backlit velocity sensitive performance pads, and full compatibility with Serato DJ when connected to a computer and Denon’s Engine music management software so that DJ’s can use this device without a computer.  Check out our in depth review video for the full rundown.

Denon DJ MC4000 Controller Review

The new Denon DJ MC4000 controller comes bundled with Serato DJ, has a great metal chassis, two microphone inputs for Mobile DJ’s, and a compact footprint to easily transport and store when taking it on the go.  The MC4000 is great for Mobile DJ’s as its compatible with Serato DJ, VirtualDJ 8, Algoriddim, and Traktor 2.9!  Check out our full Video review after the jump.

Denon DJ DS1 Serato Soundcard Review

The new Denon DS1 is a Serato DJ Digital Vinyl Interface and soundcard that will allow DJ’s to connect turntables and CD decks to an analog DJ mixer for full Serato DJ playback using noisemap (timecode) vinyl or CD’s.  The DS1 comes bundled with the full Serato DJ software and two timecode vinyl & CD’s for only $300.  This is great news for Serato DJ users as now there is another soundcard interface that can be purchased for less than the Rane SL offerings that tend to get really expensive really fast.  Check out our full video review after the jump.

Denon MC6000MK2 DJ Controller Review

The Denon DJ MC6000MK2 is an update to their original top-of-the-line controller which adds Serato DJ compatibility, Slip Mode, Aluminum-Top Jog Wheels, the Loop Roll feature, and more. The MC6000MK2 is a high-powered and well-built four-channel DJ controller and standalone mixer that has the versatility to work with all popular DJ software.  This versatility makes the MC6000MK2 a mobile DJ’s dream with that same durable build quality and compact footprint that made the original a huge success.

Denon DJ SC2900 Mutli-Media Player Review

The Denon DJ SC2900 is the new jog-wheel based multi-media playback DJ device that shares almost all of the same features and functions of the Denon DJ SC3900 which we reviewed last year.  The Denon DJ SC3900 was a definite success for DJ’s who wanted the closest vinyl-feel possible, but still gave the DJ options to play music using various forms of media or computer/tablet connectivity.  It only makes sense that Denon would now focus its efforts on appeasing the DJ’s who want a CDJ-like jog wheel feel.

Denon DJ MC2000 DJ Controller Review

The Denon MC2000 is the new compact DJ controller which is full of MIDI controls for your favorite software, a solid-metal build quality, all in an affordable package that DJ’s are sure to love.  Check out our full HD-Video and written review after the jump to see if the unit is good enough to take the cash out of your wallet.

Denon DJ SC3900 Mutli-Media Player Review

The newest mutli-media player from Denon DJ has finally arrived in the Lab for a full HD-Video review!  The much anticipated Denon DJ SC3900 has hit the DJ scene a couple of months ago and everyone who’s gotten the chance to use one has given it nothing but praises and accolades.  This versatile deck can be used with CD and USB drives, and can as a MIDI controller with Hybrid DVS control mode that works with Serato and Traktor.  Check out the full rundown review video inside to see if this powerful deck has what it takes to make it’s way into your own personal setup.

Denon DN-MC6000 Mixer/Controller Review

The Denon DN-MC6000 review video is here!  Thanks to our new DJ Equipment outfitters, American Musical Supply, we are able to bring you the full length Video Review video of this extremely versatile DJ controller.  There are a plethora of inputs and outputs, along with a solid metal construction, good faders and knobs, and an excellent mapping to Traktor Pro 2!  Watch the full video review after the jump.

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