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L.A. Salami’s New EP is Beautiful & You Need To Listen To It

By Lucas G. | 8 months ago
There's no better feeling than discovering incredible music from a new artist. This is that feeling.
Tags: Under 1k

Lil Wayne on Tour Bus Shooting: They “Tried to 2Pac Me”

By Lucas G. | 8 months ago
Just hours before his seizure, Wayne played a new song referencing his escape from last year's shooting of his tour bus.
Tags: News

Meet Daveed Diggs, the Rappingest Rapper in “Hamilton”

By Lucas G. | 8 months ago
Long before "Hamilton" brought hip-hop to Broadway, Daveed Diggs was an astoundingly talented rapper breaking rap's rules.

Last Call: A Farewell to DJBooth

By Lucas G. | 8 months ago
After five years, it's time for me to graduate to the next phase of my life.
Tags: Opinion

From Eminem to Kendrick Lamar, Rappers Who Embraced Sobriety

By Lucas G. | 8 months ago
Music and drugs go hand in hand, but many of the game's legends are stone cold sober.

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