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How Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” Taught Me to Be Less Skeptical of “Wokeness”

By Hershal Pandya | Posted September 20, 2017
If the net effect of an artist's music is positive, why are we often so quick to be snarky about it?
Tags: Logic, Opinion

5 Incredible South Asian Rappers Who Are Better Than NAV

By Hershal Pandya | Posted August 28, 2017
Nav is now the world’s most popular (English-speaking) South Asian rapper, but he isn't the only one.
Tags: Nav, Opinion

From JAY-Z to Vic Mensa, What Comes After the Confessional Rap Album?

By Hershal Pandya | Posted August 9, 2017
After artists completely bare their soul, where do they go next?

Before Every Lame Artist Called Their Album “A Movie,” There Was ‘Fade to Black’

By Hershal Pandya | Posted June 29, 2017
JAY-Z's retirement documentary is a fascinating time capsule and an enduring piece of art that still feels relevant today.
Tags: JAY-Z, Opinion
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A Guide to the Unspoken Etiquette of Rapping in Public

By Hershal Pandya | Posted June 12, 2017
Five simple rules to save you the embarrassment that often comes with rapping outside your house.
Tags: Humor, Opinion

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