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Brendan V

Location: NYC
Position: Managing Editor
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Future Releases “Draco” Video With Lots of Guns, But Zero Book Bags

By Brendan V | one Day ago
Lots of guns, lots of money, very few book bags.

Best Hip-Hop & R&B Songs of February, 2017

By Brendan V | 3 days ago
Hip-hop, music, the world—everything moves at lightning speed these days. Blink and a month has flown by, along with more great music than you can...

The Best Hip-Hop & R&B Songs of 2017 (Ongoing)

By Brendan V | 3 days ago
At the end of every year, we take a look back to remember the best music from the last 12 months, but with so much output it’s inevitable that...

Your Foolproof Valentine’s Day Playlist for Any Situation

By Brendan V | one week ago
We've got you covered—for having sex, not having sex, and everything in between.

Sampha’s ‘Process’ is a Hauntingly Beautiful Portrait of Human Emotion

By Brendan V | about 3 weeks ago
It will make you cry, it will make you cherish what you take for granted, and it will make you press replay and experience it all again.

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