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John Noire

Location: England
Position: Writer
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Isaiah Rashad, Peter Pan & The Fear of Growing Up

By John Noire | 5 days ago
The TDE emcee's music is a soundtrack for those who want to get their life on track but have no real sense of how to do it.

J. Cole, Ta-Nehisi Coates & The Fear of a Black Neighbor

By John Noire | 4 weeks ago
One racist act. That’s all the difference there is between life and death for black Americans today.

J. Cole, Jay Z & The Mixed Emotions of Going Back Home

By John Noire | about 2 months ago
No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to run away from home.

Donald Glover, F. Scott Fitzgerald & The Art of Balancing Fear With Hope

By John Noire | 2 months ago
With fear comes hope and with darkness comes light.
Tags: Opinion

Summer’s Over: Birthdays, Drake & The Painful Process of Change

By John Noire | 4 months ago
It’s easy to criticize artists for sticking to their old habits but how often do we change?

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