Bob Lefsetz

Bob Lefsetz

Location: Santa Monica
Position: Music Critic, Author
Member Since: 2016

Bob Lefsetz's News & Editorials

A 10 Rule Promotional Plan for Artists Who Already Have a Hit Record

By Bob Lefsetz | Posted August 3, 2017
A step-by-step booklet for you to get your game on track, not your career pushed back.

Spotify’s RapCaviar Playlist Is Driving the Culture

By Bob Lefsetz | Posted June 9, 2017
The debate about Spotify has been about compensation, but the true story is influence.

J. Cole, Success & the Ability to Capture Inspiration When It Strikes

By Bob Lefsetz | Posted April 17, 2017
When you channel truth, we resonate and feel connected in a lonely world—that's why we love our musical stars.

Why Spotify Premium Exclusives Won’t Work

By Bob Lefsetz | Posted April 4, 2017
The music business is a race to the bottom.

Drake, ‘More Life’ & Crushing the Competition By Simply Staying in the Game

By Bob Lefsetz | Posted March 21, 2017
Artists must forget the aged concepts the boomer-controlled industry runs by, and build a whole new world—like Drake.

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