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Young Thug Says, “You Can Be a Gangster in a Dress”

By brokencool | Posted July 8, 2016
Young Thug goes against the mainstream yet again by saying, "I feel like there's no such thing as gender."

Snoop Dogg’s “Coolaid” Album to Sell Under 10K, is “Cool Uncle” Status to Blame?

By brokencool | Posted July 7, 2016
Snoop's new album Coolaid is slated to move less than 10k copies during its first week.

Logic Projected to “Sell” 23k Copies of Surprise Mixtape ‘Bobby Tarantino’

By brokencool | Posted July 7, 2016
Logic's building a devout fan base and the surprise release of 'Bobby Tarantino' appears to be paying off big.
Tags: Logic, Brief

Sony Music Accused of Colluding with Other Record Labels in Streaming Market

By brokencool | Posted July 7, 2016
Allegations from bankrupt streaming service Rdio allege Sony Music colluded with Universal and Warner Bros. in the streaming market.
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