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Brent Bradley

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The Lesson All Artists Can Learn From Ja Rule’s Post Hip-Hop Career

By Brent Bradley | 20 hours ago
Just because an artist isn’t in the spotlight doesn’t mean they’re not making moves.
Tags: News, Opinion

Study: Popular Music Lyrics Still Dumber Than Ever, But Hip-Hop is the Smartest

By Brent Bradley | one Day ago
In terms of popular music’s vocabulary, hip-hop reigns supreme.
Tags: News, Opinion

Vince Staples Is Right, We Treat Musicians Like Shit… But Why?

By Brent Bradley | one Day ago
Sometimes we—the public—need artists to call us out on our shit.
Tags: Opinion

The Rise of Ugly God’s “Water” is Further Proof Radio is Broken

By Brent Bradley | one Day ago
If radio wants to remain relevant for the foreseeable future, it must consider drastic changes.
Tags: News, Opinion

Meet All 41 Key Contributors on Drake’s ‘More Life’

By Brent Bradley | 2 days ago
Get acquainted with the small army Drake employed to help out with his latest project.
Tags: Albums

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