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“Even If You Don’t Like It, You’ll Respect It”: An Interview With Nyck @ Knight

By Kareem Sheikh | Posted July 19, 2017
We spoke with Pro Era emcees Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight about their self-titled collaborative debut.

Just Like The Movies: KAMI is Chicago’s Next Musical Protagonist

By Kareem Sheikh | Posted May 3, 2017
We spoke with the Savemoney member about his debut album, beautifully lit with ’80s neon vibes.

Exclusive: Nico Segal is Saving Jazz (And Us) With His Trumpet

By Kareem Sheikh | Posted April 28, 2017
The Social Experiment and JuJu leader is fighting to make us appreciate instruments again.

“I’d Like to Get Out-Rapped by André 3000”: An Interview with Saba

By Kareem Sheikh | Posted March 9, 2017
The 22-year-old’s bucket list is steadily getting shorter.

Steve Lacy ‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’ Cheat Code Album Review

By Kareem Sheikh | Posted February 24, 2017
Did I say album? I meant “song series.”

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