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This Is What Investing in an Album as an Indie Artist Really Looks Like

By Cassidy Kakin | 2 days ago
Brooklyn rapper Radamiz breaks down all of his expenses for his indie album 'Writeous'.

Art v. Numbers & the “It” Factor in Music’s Big Data Era

By Cassidy Kakin | one week ago
Artists like Chance are dripping in so much “it” factor that the algorithms don’t stand a chance of keeping up.

A Day In the Life of a Struggle Rapper

By Cassidy Kakin | 3 weeks ago
"As an independent artist, the fear is the hardest part. If you can get past yourself, you can get past anything."

Why Predicting Rap’s Future is Bad For The Future of Rap

By Cassidy Kakin | one Month ago
Everyone loses when every potentially great music discovery is watered down by the blog that cried “next up.”
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