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“I Don’t See Myself”: How SZA Helped Me Face My Buried Insecurities

By Selene San Felice | 2 months ago
SZA's debut album was a dose of truth that allowed me to look inward and realize the real problems I was facing.
Tags: SZA, Opinion

10 Best Mom-Loving Hip-Hop Songs, Ranked

By Selene San Felice | 3 months ago
Celebrate mom with our Mother's Day ranking of hip-hop's best "Mama Songs" of all time.

We Need to Put an End to Hip-Hop Head Vetting

By Selene San Felice | 4 months ago
Allow us to introduce you to The White Knight and The Old Head.
Tags: Opinion

“I See Both Sides Like Chanel”: Frank Ocean Makes a Bold Bi Statement

By Selene San Felice | 5 months ago
Frank isn’t just stating his bisexuality, he’s making it fashionable.
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Montell2099 x 21 Savage - Hunnid On The Drop

Why Feminists Can Love Rap & Still Give a Fuck

By Selene San Felice | about 6 months ago
Feminists can't abandon hip-hop, and we’re not here to be your fetish.
Tags: Opinion

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