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Nadav Biran

Location: Toronto, Canada
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How To Make The Perfect Mashup

By Nadav Biran | Posted December 19, 2017
You take two great tracks that everyone loves and just mangle them together. How hard can it be?

5 Tips For a Cleaner Mix

By Nadav Biran | Posted December 7, 2017
At some point, most musicians will try their hand at mixing. What they find isn’t for the weak of heart.

Reducing Electrical Interference: Balanced v. Unbalanced Connection

By Nadav Biran | Posted November 27, 2017
A look into electrical interference, balanced and unbalanced connections?

The Ultimate Ear Protection Guide For DJs

By Nadav Biran | Posted November 13, 2017
What to lookout for, and what is needed to protect those ears!
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