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The Scary Connection Between My Dad & Kendrick’s “DUCKWORTH.”

By Yoh | 35 minutes ago
"DUCKWORTH." brought back painful memories of a similar situation that happened with my own father.

Joey Bada$$ Hates the New Generation’s “Attention Span” & He Should

By Brent Bradley | one hour ago
While we wish this wasn’t so true, it needs to be addressed.

D.R.A.M.‘s Emotional Reaction After Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN. Tour” Announcement

By DJ Z | 2 hours ago
In an industry that prides itself on flaunting and projecting an image of success, D.R.A.M.'s words are a breath of fresh air.

Kanye Wanted to Add N-Word to Every ‘Watch The Throne’ Track Title

By DJ Z | about 4 hours ago
Who knew "It's provocative, it gets the people going!" could have actually been so much more provocative?

Frank Ocean Returns (Again) With “Lens” & a Travis Scott-Assisted Remix

By DJ Z | one day ago
Another week, another episode of blonded Radio. Another episode, another new record.

Kendrick Lamar Bests Drake, Earns Biggest 2017 Debut With ‘DAMN.’

By DJ Z | 2 days ago
More than 300m streams later, Kendrick has the No. 1 album of 2017 (so far).

5 Overlooked Albums That Turn 5 This Year

By Andy James | about 3 days ago
2012 was a good year in hip-hop.

Praise & Questions: How Kendrick & Chance Talk to God in Different Ways

By Miguelito | 3 days ago
The two biggest mainstream religious rappers have very different ways of displaying their faith.

Kendrick Lamar Explains Why He Doesn’t Listen to His Albums After Turning Them In

By DJ Z | 3 days ago
"As soon as I hit mastering I just turn that thing in and I try not to listen to it..."

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