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“I Want to Hear YOU”: Denzel Curry Calls Out Rappers for Performing Over Their Own Tracks

By Brent Bradley | 30 minutes ago
“If I wanted to hear the track, nigga, I could have stayed in my car!”

“Savage, Asshole, King”: How Kendrick Views Himself in ‘DAMN.’ Visuals

By Miguelito | 3 hours ago
How Kendrick's videos for "HUMBLE.," DNA." and "ELEMENT." prove he's all of his self-assigned nouns.
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Xavier Omär - Afraid (prod. by Bizness Boi)

Classic Hate: The Internet Hates on JAY-Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’

By Brent Bradley | about 6 hours ago
Love JAY-Z’s debut album? Maybe don’t read the user reviews, then.

Kamaiyah Was “Frightened” When Her First Mixtape Blew Up

By DJ Z | 6 hours ago
Unfortunately, increased attention means increased scrutiny.

RZA Uses Veganism to Defend “Mumble Rap” Artists

By DJ Z | 7 hours ago
"Listen, man, music is music."
Tags: RZA, Brief

Travis Scott’s “Drugs You Should Try It” Was Originally Meant for Big Sean

By DJ Z | one day ago
"I’m thinking, ‘Okay cool, it’s going to be a Big Sean record.’"

Young Thug’s “Me or Us” Was Supposed to Feature Frank Ocean

By DJ Z | one day ago
Let us all collectively sigh at the thought that this might have happened.

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