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Does Hip-Hop Have a “Narrow Subject Matter” Problem? Ab-Soul’s Concerned

By Brent Bradley | about 2 weeks ago
Ab-Soul is tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. We can't blame him.
Tags: News, Opinion

5 Worthy Candidates for Hip-Hop Attorney General

By Brent Bradley | about 4 weeks ago
Jeff Sessions' continued slippage has us looking to hip-hop for a more suitable A.G.
Tags: Humor, Opinion

Ab-Soul Joins Women’s Rights Conversation But Gets It Very Wrong

By DJ Z | 2 months ago
What exactly are women fighting for, Ab? To be treated with respect and dignity as a human being, not a piece of meat.
Tags: News, Opinion

Ab-Soul Credits TDE For Making Sure He Stays Financially Stable

By Brent Bradley | 2 months ago
In an infamously grimy industry, TDE appears to be a beacon of sincerity.
Tags: News

The Demise of Ab-Soul’s Videography

By Brent Bradley | 2 months ago
From a visual standpoint, the Black Lip Pastor has become the black sheep of TDE.
Tags: Opinion

Ab-Soul’s 2010 Listening Party is the Perfect Trip Down Memory Lane

By Yoh | 3 months ago
Revisiting Ab-Soul's 2010 broke-but-almost-famous listening party and the growth of TDE.
Tags: Opinion

Ab-Soul Casually Mentioned Rock Star Martyrdom on “God’s a Girl?” & I’m Concerned

By Brent Bradley | 3 months ago
Soulo seems content with perishing at a young age as a result of his drug-fueled lifestyle, but we shouldn't be.
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