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Brothers Turned Adversaries: The History of Future & Rocko

By Yoh | one day ago
The courtroom is no place for brothers to quarrel, but the music industry is no place to make family members.

Future’s Music Doesn’t Reflect His “Big Responsibility” as a Voice in America

By Brent Bradley | one day ago
Future has a huge voice in music, he just chooses not to use it.
Tags: News, Opinion

Future Releases “Draco” Video With Lots of Guns, But Zero Book Bags

By Brendan V | 2 days ago
Lots of guns, lots of money, very few book bags.

Future Describes His Relationship with Drake as “Doing Great Business”

By DJ Z | 3 days ago
"We go on tour, it's always sold out."
Tags: News, Opinion

Future ‘FUTURE’ 1 Listen Album Review

By Yoh | one week ago
'FUTURE' is a reminder that Future is trap music’s phoenix—the second you consider him dead, he only burns brighter.
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