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Immortal Technique

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Immortal Technique Believes Negative Police Interactions Actually Inspired His Violent Youth

By Brent Bradley | Posted December 13, 2016
"If you really want to see a monster, I'll show you motherfuckers a monster."

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s High School Bully Was Immortal Technique

By Andy James | Posted November 15, 2016
"He terrorized kids. He’d throw them in the garbage. I got thrown in the garbage by him."

Immortal Technique’s “Dance With the Devil” is Fu*king Terrifying

By Yoh | Posted October 31, 2014
'Tis the season to be frightened. Bring on the ghouls and goblins, doorbell abuse and slutty attire, candy corn and Treehouse of Horrors....
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Pell - Patience (NOLA Mix)

Akir ft. Immortal Technique - Future

By Lucas G. | Posted August 8, 2013
Artist(s): AKIR
Tags: Indie, Lyrical

Dujeous ft. Immortal Technique - I Witness

By richard | Posted April 4, 2012
Artist(s): Dujeous
Tags: Indie
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