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RZA Uses Veganism to Defend “Mumble Rap” Artists

By DJ Z | Posted June 28, 2017
"Listen, man, music is music."
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A Series of Unfortunate Events: When Tragedy Strikes The Studio

By Yoh | Posted January 25, 2017
Studios are holy temples, festival grounds, but they are also home to unfortunate tragedies.

RZA on Donald Glover: “He’s Accepted in the Hip-Hop Community as a Viable Artist”

By DJ Z | Posted November 9, 2016
It wasn't long ago that Gambino faced an uphill battle in his fight for rap legitimacy.
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RZA Reveals Radioactive Azealia Banks Lied About Record Deal

By DJ Z | Posted October 20, 2016
Ultimately, Banks has nobody to blame but herself for her abhorrent behavior.
Tags: RZA, News, Opinion

Can RZA Bring Azealia Banks’ Career Back From the Dead?

By Brent Bradley | Posted October 11, 2016
Can the Wu-Tang veteran steer Banks' music career in the right direction?

RZA Sold “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” for Millions, But is the Entire Album a Lie?

By Nathan S. | Posted December 1, 2015
The hip-hop conspiracy theory we can't stop thinking about.
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