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“It Can Really F*ck You Up Mentally”: How Our Favorite Rappers Handle Online Criticism [Feature ]

To be alive and on the internet is to subject yourself to the onslaught of strangers. That's true for kids in high school getting slammed in the comment section of IG posts, Moms who post a cute video of... Read More


Alex Wiley - Village Party 2: Heaven’s Gate [Album]

Windy City emcee Alex Wiley has dropped off Village Party 2: Heaven's Gate, the follow-up to last year's Booth-acclaimed original Village Party. The project is preceded by Wiley's One Singular Flame Emoji EP, released... Read More


Hurt Everybody & Alex Wiley - Thanos (Dr. Evil) [Stream]

Chicago is in the building. Or rather the Booth. Windy City trio Hurt Everybody and their neighbor Alex Wiley have hooked up on Thanos (Dr. Evil), a collaborative loosie that is produced by group member Mulatto. The song is... Read More


Alex Wiley - Heavens Gate [Stream]

Chicago emcee Alex Wiley has released visuals for his latest song, Heavens Gate. (Sidenote: Whats with all these gates?) Shot by Jon Walkup and Kenneth Daniel Beckerdite, the video was filmed at Mac Miller’s Los Angeles... Read More


Alex Wiley - Feast (Stove Freestyle) [Stream & Download]

Prepare to Feast on new music from Alex Wiley, as the 22-year-old Windy City phenom drops off his Stove Freestyle in preparation of the release of his fourth full-length project, Synthia. The single features hypnotic... Read More


Mulatto Beats - Computer ft. Supa Bwe, Alex Wiley & Saba [Stream]

Mulatto Beats is a producer from Chicago and 1/3 of the Hurt Everybody trio, and today he makes his headlining Booth debut with a brand new loosie, entitled Computer. Mulatto crafts an ethereal, cosmic-sounding backdrop and... Read More


Alex Wiley - One Singular Flame Emoji EP [Album]

Alex Wiley, an emcee signed to upstart indie Closed Sessions, has released a brand new EP, One Singular Flame Emoji. Included on the nine-track set are previously-featured, Booth-approved selections "Sexual Dolphin," "Top of... Read More


Alex Wiley - Right Right ft. Kembe X [Stream]

Got your money right, your weed right and your outfit right? Then you just need some quality music in your speakers and all will be right with the world. Here to provide you with that final ingredient—and get listeners... Read More


Alex Wiley - Ready [Stream]

If you aren’t familiar with Chicago’s Alex Wiley by now, shame on you. In 2014, he released the well received Village Party, and a number of impressive freebies to feed the hungry fans that continued to crave... Read More


Shelton Harris x Tyler Dopps ft. Alex Wiley - Glory [Stream]

Fresh off earning positive Booth reviews for December’s If I Fall, Shelton Harris returns to kick off his 2015 with Glory, an outtake from his recently-released LIGHTS LP. Producer Tyler Dopps co-headlines Glory,... Read More


Alex Wiley - Top Of The World [Stream]

Alex Wiley‘s life isn’t all Village Parties and sea animal intercourse, the Chi-Town rising star hasn’t forgotten the days before his music was opening doors to a better life. He spoke with Huffington Post... Read More


Odd Couple ft. Lil Durk & Alex Wiley - Everything [Stream]

Chicago producer Odd Couple returns to our pages with a track that, personally speaking, I’ve now had on repeat for an hour straight. What can I say, there’s just something about that bouncing instrumental and Lil... Read More


Alex Wiley - Booty Club (Goin’ Dumb Again) [Stream]

Can’t go a day without a new record by Windy City buzzmaker Alex Wiley? Well, we can’t make any promises with regard to the future, but today we’ve got you covered. Coming on the heels of Tuesday’s... Read More


Alex Wiley - Lil Stoner Boi [Stream & Download]

If you’ve listened to Alex Wiley‘s music and peeped the accompanying visuals, you’ve probably guessed that the Chi-town rhymesayer is a fan of psychedelics. But he can also get down with some quality weed, a... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Kembe X - Takeoff [Stream]

Here at The DJBooth, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing an artist we’ve supported for years reach new heights, and Alex Wiley ascends in his latest, Visual Mecca-directed video for Takeoff. Along with our... Read More


Alex Wiley - Sexual Dolphin [Stream]

Alex Wiley is a Sexual Dolphin. Or, at least, that’s what the title of his latest feature suggests. I’m not a marine biologist, nor did the record itself clear things up, so I’ll leave y’all to figure... Read More


Alex Wiley - Splash Game (Self Doubt) [Stream]

The subtitle of Alex Wiley‘s latest single, Splash Game, is a little misleading; no matter how hard I listened, I couldn’t detect a trace of Self Doubt in the Chicago buzzmaker’s flow. Just the opposite: the... Read More


A Classier Touch: Alex Wiley Takes Off in NYC (DJBoothTV Exclusive) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBoothTV Alex Wiley has been making some serious waves as a young and fearlessly innovative artist on the DJBooth for two years now, and his recently released Village Party project has his buzz reaching... Read More


Kembe X ft. Ab-Soul & Alex Wiley - As I Unfold [Stream & Download]

Update: We have added the Yellow Nguyen-directed visuals for Kembe X’s As I Unfold single. At the bottom of June, we saw Scion A/V come together with Southern emcee Scotty ATL to drop the reader-acclaimed OTR2SJ. Just... Read More


TIMO ft. Alex Wiley - Shine On [Stream]

A Michigan native, Booth newcomer TIMO recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his musical dreams in a bigger proverbial pond. How’s he adapting to his new stamping grounds? Pretty damn well, as evidenced by the... Read More


Alex Wiley - Ideas (Adderall) [Stream]

Though Adderall is supposed to help ADD sufferers sit still, for some it has the opposite effect. Take Chi-Town mic-murderer Alex Wiley, who pops a few on his latest mixtape single. Fortunately for fans, it renders the Closed... Read More


Alex Wiley x Statik Selektah - Future Guns [Stream]

Sometimes you listen to an unreleased record from an artist’s vault and wonder how the hell something so dope managed to fall through the cracks. Future Guns, a joint single recorded by Closed Sessions signee Alex Wiley... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Mick Jenkins - Own Man [Stream & Download]

Update: The Andrew Zeiter and Bryan Lamb-directed visuals for Alex Wiley’s Own Man single have been added. If there’s one consistent theme running through Alex Wiley‘s rhymes, it’s individuality: on... Read More


Alex Wiley - Village Party [Album]

Back in June of 2013, Alex Wiley unleashed his Closed Sessions debut street album, a hard-hitting project that had hip-hop heads everywhere lining up to join Club Wiley. Now, on the freshly-minted follow-up, the Windy City... Read More


Alex Wiley - Ova [Stream & Download]

Still coasting on some good Vibrations, Alex Wiley returns to our pages to declare that all the fake money and drug talk flooding hip-hop is officially Ova. Featuring a blunted beat from Odd Couple and some typically original... Read More


Alex Wiley - Vibration [Stream]

To paraphrase Brian Wilson, I’m pickin’ up some good Vibrations, and they all seem to be coming from Alex Wiley‘s direction. On single numero dos off his sophomore independent album, coming on the heels of... Read More


Alex Wiley & Kembe X - Know Normal [Stream]

Normal? Alex Wiley doesn’t Know what Normal feels like. Neither does unsigned buzzmaker Kembe X—which makes the two of ‘em natural collaborative partners. On this freshly-minted promo single, the Closed Sessions... Read More


Alex Wiley - Suck It (Revolution) [Stream]

Back in mid-November, Closed Sessions emcee Alex Wiley came together with director Visual Mecca to bring fans Own Lane, part one in a trilogy of video singles chronicling a young woman’s journeys through Chicago.... Read More


Alex Wiley - Own Lane [Stream]

Never content simply to follow the pack, Chi-town buzzmaker Alex Wiley has labored long and hard to carve out his Own Lane in the hip-hop game. Nowhere is the uniqueness of his style more apparent than on his latest single, a... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Vic Mensa - Jerseys & Loafers (Force One Seven Remix) [Stream]

First featured, to positive reader reviews, back in May, Alex Wiley‘s Jerseys & Loafers has received the remix treatment courtesy of Force One Seven. In stark contrast to Chuck Inglish‘s laid-back original... Read More


Connor Evans ft. Alex Wiley - Lil Homie [Stream & Download]

Just a week after earning better-than-OK reader reviews for OK Is Alright, the Redlands, Cali repper is back on our pages with another freshly-minted single off his recent, DJBooth-hosted mixtape. On this street-ready cut,... Read More


The Hood Internet x Javelin ft. Alex Wiley - G-Unit Spinner Chain [Stream]

After what happened to Young Buck a few years back, most rappers aren’t about to risk walking around the ‘hood with a G-Unit Spinner Chain around their neck. But Alex Wiley ain’t “most rappers.” On the... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Chance The Rapper & GLC - Spaceship II [Stream]

Upon hearing Chance The Rapper’s Good Ass Intro, off his newly-released Acid Rap project, I immediately got that “oh sh*t” feeling that first came over me after first listening to Kanye way back in 2002. One reason for... Read More


Alex Wiley - Club Wiley [Album]

Chicago buzzmaker Alex Wiley, a rough and tumble, hard-nosed, no holds barred emcee, who has circulated the Blogosphere through the first five months of 2013, has something to prove. But what could a relative newcomer need to... Read More


Alex Wiley - Earf**ked [Stream]

Put on some Barry White, wrap your ears in some silk-covered headphones, light some candles and prepare to get Earf**ked by Alex Wiley’s new single. Actually, this cut is more like some parking lot pimpin’ than a... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Freddie Gibbs - Creepin [Stream & Download]

Based on the title of his forthcoming album (Club Wiley) and his label home (Closed Sessions), you might assume that Alex Wiley only makes music for a select, exclusive group of lucky listeners. Thankfully, the emcee is much... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Action Bronson - Icky Woods [Stream & Download]

Of all that he achieved during his short, but impressive career with the Bengals, Ick(e)y Woods is best remembered for his immortal contribution to post-touchdown grandstanding, the Ickey Shuffle. On the latest single off his... Read More


Alex Wiley - Thug Angel [Stream & Download]

On early-March promo cut Jerseys & Loafers, Closes Sessions signee Alex Wiley gave us a taste of his “Thug Angel” aesthetic—which, as far as could tell, involves a whole lot of had-hitting flows and a little singing... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Vic Mensa - Jerseys and Loafers [Stream & Download]

Jerseys & Loafers may not seem like the most intuitive combination but, when you’ve got Alex Wiley‘s level of swag, you can make any ensemble look fly. On this freshly-released promo single, created just prior... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Lil Nikk N9ne - Something to Say [Stream & Download]

Got Something to Say to Alex Wiley? If it’s hate, then you’d be better off saving your breath; on his latest promotional single, the Windy City repper makes clear that neither he, nor his drink give the tiniest... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Calez - #Heauxs [Stream]

Unless you call Louisiana home, it’s likely that you won’t be able to pronounce the title of Alex Wiley‘s latest DJBooth-featured record. The emcee’s new single, #Heauxs, is a play on a French and... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Chance The Rapper & Kembe X - #MoPurp [Stream]

For those who’ve been taking their chewable multivitamins and acing their Android brain exercise apps the name of DJBooth newcomer Alex Wiley should sound familiar.  And that is because his Closed Sessions record... Read More