New Collie Buddz Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Collie Buddz - Like Yuh Miss Me [Stream]

Veteran reggae artist Collie Buddz has released Like Yuh Miss Me, a standout selection from his newly-released EP, Blue Dreamz, out today via Sony Music. The record, the Bermuda-born artist’s first Booth feature in... Read More


Stick Figure - Smokin’ Love (Remix) ft. Collie Buddz, J BOOG, Iration & Dizzy Wright [Stream]

One year ago, Stick Figure released Smokin’ Love, a weed-centric, feel-good jam for the summer that featured reggae veteran Collie Buddz. A year later, the Southern California-based roots reggae/dub band brings the... Read More


Riff Raff, Snoop Dogg & Collie Buddz - Yesterday [Stream & Download]

Riff Raff is the rap equivalent of coffee ice cream. You either love him or hate him; there is literally zero in-between. With that said, even if you aren’t much of a coffee ice cream fan, I’d urge you to press... Read More


Matisyahu ft. Collie Buddz - Confidence [Stream]

Reservoir, the lead single off Matisyahu‘s next studio album, received a surprisingly cool reception when it hit our front page in late March, but the Jewish reggae phenom isn’t letting the criticism get under his... Read More


Snoop Lion ft. Collie Buddz - Smoke the Weed [Stream]

Snoop Lion and Snoop Dogg have very different outlooks on the world, but all of Calvin Broadus’s personae have at least one thing in common: they like to “Smoke the Weed every day.” The latest single off debut set... Read More


Zion I ft. Collie Buddz - Sex Wax [Stream]

You might see the title of the latest visual from Zion I and assume the record is X-rated. What you probably don’t know is that Sex Wax is actually the name of a type of wax that surfers put on their boards. The name makes... Read More


Collie Buddz - Payback’s a B**ch [Stream]

Not featured on our front page since way back in December of 2010, when he earned reader approval for EP inclusion Holiday, Harper Digital singer Collie Buddz makes his return to the Booth with freshly-minted promotional... Read More


Collie Buddz - Holiday [Stream & Download]

If you’re looking for a little something to get you into the Christmas spirit, this… isn’t it (you may have better luck checking here, or here). If, on the other hand, you’re sick of sleighbells and... Read More


Collie Buddz - Phone Call [Stream]

In this fast-moving, impersonal era of emails and sexting (side note: is “sexting” not the most awkward technology-related coinage since “vlog?”), it’s rare that two people are able to set aside... Read More


Yung Berg ft. Collie Buddz & Eve - Victory Lap [Stream]

UPDATE: “Victory Lap” is no longer available to stream. Yung Berg‘s summer 2007 hit Sexy Lady has come and gone and his debut album Look What You Made Me currently has no set release date.  Hoping to... Read More


Collie Buddz - Blind To You [Stream]

Bermuda born reggae artist Collie Buddz looks to expand the record sales of his paltry sold self-titled album with the release of the single, Blind To You.  Without lyrics beside you while listening, it is extremely... Read More


Collie Buddz - Collie Buddz [Album]

“Keep it real,” is one of the most important commandments of the hip-hop bible. As marketing campaigns have saturated hip-hop, what’s really real has become increasingly confusing, but authenticity is still as crucial... Read Full Review


Collie Buddz ft. Paul Wall - What A Feeling [Stream]

Reggae’s newest rising star, Collie Buddz, teams up with The People’s Champ Paul Wall, on the hit What A Feeling from Buddz’ upcoming self-titled debut album (in stores July 3.)  On this track, Buddz... Read More


Collie Buddz - Mamacita [Stream]

Collie Buddz continues to heat up the US reggae scene with his new single Mamacita. The production work, courtesy of D-Dub, is very flirtatious and goes flawlessly with the song’s subject matter.  Buddz smooth... Read More


Collie Buddz - Come Around [Stream]

Coming all the way from Bermuda, DJ Collie Buddz has taken the US music scene by storm with his spectacular reggae single, Come Around.  Buddz has managed to make an authentic reggae song that stands out by not sounding... Read More