New Doey Rock Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Doey Rock - Undisputed ft. C Plus [Stream & Download]

Bruce Leroy, the first single from Doey Rock‘s (who has gone back to his original moniker after going by his government name Kahali Oden for awhile) upcoming collaborative LP with beat duo Dirty Diggs, dropped last... Read More


Kahali Oden (Doey Rock) - Bruce Leroy [Stream]

Way back in January of 2014, Kahali “Doey Rock” Oden lit the fuse on his Gold Plates EP with Wild, a gritty cut that won positive reviews from our readership. A year later, he and his project collaborators, beat duo Dirty... Read More


Doey Rock - Wild [Stream & Download]

Roundabout December of 2010, the West Coast rhymesayer we knew as Doey Rock reinvented himself as Mean Doe Green, a moniker he’d eventually drop in favor of his government name, Kahali Oden. Now, just for his next... Read More


Kahali Oden - Sins of Our Fathers [Stream]

In Exodus 20:5, the Man Upstairs lets idol worshippers know that it’s not just they who will pay for their defiance: “I am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the... Read More


Kahali Oden - Calgon [Stream]

According to Wikipedia, CALGON has been the registered trademark of a brand of water softener as well as a line of health and beauty products. I’m gonna assume Kahali Oden‘s latest feature takes its name from the... Read More


Kahali Oden - All That [Stream]

Under the hot glare of the spotlight, it can be tough to remember that All That glitters ain’t gold—and, conversely, not everything that’s gold glitters. Kahali Oden, the West Coast spitter formerly known as... Read More


Kahali Oden - It Ain’t My Fault [Album]

Kahali Oden, the West Coast spitter formerly known as Doey Rock, has released his latest album, It Ain't My Fault. The 11-track project, which is available for free stream here at The DJBooth and digital purchase via iTunes,... Read More


Kahali Oden - It Ain’t My Fault [Stream]

UPDATE: “It Ain’t My Fault” is no longer available to stream. I’m gonna give you a warning: after listening to the latest effort from Kahali Oden, most other records just won’t sound as good. So when... Read More


Kahali Oden - 80 Proof Diaries [Stream]

All That glitters may not be gold, as Kahali Oden observed on his last single, but that doesn’t mean the West Coast rhymesayer is averse to enjoying life’s finer things. On the contrary, he’s all for... Read More


Kahali Oden - A Letter to My Kids [Stream & Download]

Since dropping off mixtape single and title track Castle Collectors back in June, the West Coast emcee formerly known as Mean Doe Green (and, before that, as Doey Rock) decided to continue his musical hustle under his birth... Read More


Kahali Oden - Bananas [Stream & Download]

Both Kahali Oden‘s clips and his verses are f**king Bananas, but don’t get it twisted—when they’re aimed in your direction, they’re anything but sweet. Coming on the heels of All Praises Due, a... Read More


Kahali Oden - All Praises Due [Stream]

Kahali Oden‘s last Booth feature, A Letter to My Kids, found the West Coast rhymesayer sharing a few hard-won pearls of wisdom in the wake of his new baby daughter’s birth. All the sage advice in the world,... Read More


Carl Roe, Ripynt & Mean Doe Green - Love It That You Hate Us (FuGeeLa2012) [Stream]

Got some animosity toward Carl Roe, Ripynt or Mean Doe Green? Don’t expect the emcees to return your hostile feelings. On this freshly-minted cut (a Booth-exclusive world premiere), the trio address their enemies with a... Read More


Mean Doe Green - Castle Collectors [Stream]

Ever dreamt of living in a castle? It’s not quite as pricey as you might think. According to a quick Google search, you can pick one up for anywhere from 300,000 euros (for your basic Baroque mansion) to a mil or more... Read More


Mean Doe Green - Shade Proof (No DJ Version) [Album]

Last week, Mean Doe Green released his new album Shade Proof, which serves as a follow-up to his DJBooth-hosted Hard Hats & Hand Grenades.  The NO DJ version of the project is now available for free download via... Read More


Mean Doe Green ft. JD Era, Ceazar & Black Zeek - Terminators [Stream & Download]

Mean Doe Green and his colleagues may be—to my knowledge—made of flesh and blood like the rest of us, but that’s not going to stop them from taking over the globe, Terminator-style. On the latest single off... Read More


Mean Doe Green ft. Arty Fresha - Thankful [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Mean Doe Green’s “Thankful” video. In his Twilight of the Idols, Friedrich Nietzsche described the ideal man as one who “...[says] ‘yes’... Read More


Mean Doe Green ft. Hello World - Be Great [Stream]

Cali is always buzzing, but in 2012, something just might pop-off. For example, take Sacramento emcee Mean Doe Green; listeners can virtually hear the west coast take off on his latest song release, Be Great (a DJBooth world... Read More


Chuuwee x Mean Doe Green - Keep It Real (On the Real) [Stream & Download]

Still riding high off the wave of acclaim he received for Booth-sponsored tape Watching the Throne, Chuuwee returns with a freshly-leaked cut off his next project. Keep It Real (On the Real) finds the emcee trading... Read More


The Swapmeet Ensemble ft. Mean Doe Green - GET MAD! [Stream]

It’s been said many times before, but today it’s as true as it’s ever been: if you’re not mad about what’s been going on in Washington (and the harm said political machinations will undoubtedly... Read More


Mean Doe Green Offers New “Hard Hats & Hand Grenades” Street Album for Download in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Sacramento repper Mean Doe Green is offering up his latest street album, Hard Hats & Hand Grenades, for streaming and download in the Booth. Featuring 15 original cuts from the freestyle series alumnus, plus... Read More


Mean Doe Green - Hard Hats & Hand Grenades [Album]

Sacramento buzzmaker Mean Doe Green has hooked up with to bring fans his latest street album, Hard Hats & Hand Grenades. The project features 15 tracks’ worth of new material, written by the artist... Read More


Mean Doe Green - Opera Towers [Stream]

Not familiar with the Opera Towers, the Miami condo complex from which Mean Doe Green‘s latest single takes its title? Click here for a visual aid—or don’t, if you’d prefer not to feel woefully inadequate... Read More


Mean Doe Green ft. C Plus - The George Jeffersons [Stream]

A Harlem native who worked as a janitor before “movin’ on up” to become a successful entrepreneur, the patriarch of the Jefferson family is living proof that, with enough ingenuity and drive, individuals of any... Read More


Mean Doe Green - Black Suits & Shovels [Album]

Sacramento buzzmaker Mean Doe Green, formerly known as Doey Rock, has hooked up with to bring fans his latest street album, Black Suits & Shovels. Intended put to rest the artist’s old stage name and... Read More


Mean Doe Green ft. Brandan Smith - The Bridge [Stream]

For some of you, he’s the Cali rep down with Raekwon’s Ice Water camp. For others, he’s just another artist on the come-up that you’ve yet to experience. Wherever you are in your understanding of his place in the... Read More


Mean Doe Green ft. Krondon, Silence Dem All & Black Zeek - Intelligent Hoodlum [Stream]

Street smarts, know-how, savoir faire; whatever you call it, Mean Doe Green‘s got it. On his latest single (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!), the Cali representative formerly known as Doey Rock gathers a few of his... Read More


Mean Doe Green ft. Raekwon & Planet Asia - Blue Ribbon Rap [Stream & Download]

While Mean Doe Green no longer goes by the name Doey Rock, listeners shouldn’t be fooled; as he proves with his latest offering, he’s still one of the meanest doing it. Hailing from Cali, the emcee will certainly... Read More


Doey Rock - By Myself Meeting [Stream & Download]

The 211th entry in and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Doey Rock, the Sunset Strip native who won reader acclaim for single Last Call. On his brand new, exclusive By Myself Meeting... Read More


Doey Rock Spits “By Myself Meeting” for DJBooth x StreetAmmo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Doey Rock, the Sunset Strip native who won reader acclaim for single "Last Call," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 211th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Doey Rock aka Mean Doe Green - Last Call [Stream & Download]

California is known for its sandy beaches, pretty girls, gangs and Hollywood starlets. Unfortunately, as a Midwest resident who has only been out to Cali once, I don’t know more about the Golden State than what I’ve... Read More


Doey Rock - Doe’s Diner [Stream]

“Could it be? Another Booth feature sampled from Suzanne Vega’s The Diner?” Shockingly enough, no – on the latest track from Sunset Strip emcee Doey Rock, there’s nary a “Da da da-da” to be heard.... Read More


Doey Rock ft. Raekwon - Sunset Strip [Stream]

When we first met Doey Rock way back in January of ‘08, he was a hard-nosed hustler with a stark Hyphy sound. Well, an artist can grow, change and diversify quite a bit in two and a half years and, judging by new single... Read More


Doey Rock ft. E-40 - Bring Back Double [Stream]

With the Bay Area producing talent at an unprecedented rate, the hyphy movement just added another, Doey Rock, to its ever-growing repertoire of up-in-coming Class-A talent. On the single, Bring Back Double, Doey Rock... Read More