New Gods'Illa Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Gods’Illa - Plugged ft. Stic.Man (of Dead Prez) & Joe.D [Stream]

Get Plugged with the latest single from Gods’Illa, the second off of the trio’s forthcoming album Believe In Gods’Illa. The group, made up of brothers Acem, Truth and Powerful, is joined by Stic.Man (of Dead... Read More


Laelo ft. Gods’illa - Back At It (For the People) [Stream & Download]

A sabbatical is defined as taking a break from work for an extended period of time. I’m not necessarily sure if Laelo was taking a sabbatical per se (compared to just laying low), but I’m glad his hiatus from music is... Read More


Gods’illa ft. Sean Price - Saviours & Punishers [Video]

Gods’Illa provide some gripping black and white visuals to accompany their contemplative banger Saviours & Punishers, bringing along the always hardcore Sean Price while they’re at it. Download Saviours &... Read More


Gods’Illa ft. Sean Price - Saviours & Punishers [Stream & Download]

I don’t want to say they saved the best for last, but the latest release off Gods’Illa‘s new project at the very least is on par with previous releases like You Don’t Have to Be a Star and Everybody.... Read More


Gods’illa ft. Maimouna Youssef - You Don’t Have to Be a Star [Stream & Download]

In a genre which often seems to hold fame (along with its cousin, fortune) as a measure of individual worth, it’s nice to be reminded that even if you’re a nobody, you’re still somebody. Unless you’re... Read More


Gods’illa ft. Substantial & KingPen Slim - Everybody [Stream & Download]

Haven’t you always wondered, “If Erykah Badu hosted a mixtape, which artists would grace it’s cover?” Yeah, me neither, but since the CPR Blendtape is doing just that, I have to say it made me pretty damn... Read More


Gods’illla - Sal’s Pizzeria [Stream & Download]

It’s been almost a year since I wrote Gods’illa intro to the Booth for Protect It, and despite the fact that their features have been few and far between, I was glad that I could do another write-up on the east coast... Read More


Gods’illa ft. Joe D - Glaciers II [Stream & Download]

Since stomping into the Booth with the colossal Protect It, back in March, Gods’Illa have been quiet… too quiet. Like their cinematic namesake, the Brooklyn residents don’t stay gone for long. Today,... Read More


Gods’Illa - Protect It (Roddyrod Remix) [Stream]

Now I don’t know for sure if Gods’Illa named themselves after the city destroying Godzilla or, you know, God, but considering their monstrous talent and ethereal sound, either way the trio of newcomers picked a damned... Read More