New K'NAAN Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


K’NAAN ft. Bono - Bulletproof Pride [Stream]

As internationally-known pop megastars and prominent commentators on world politics, it was inevitable that K’NAAN and Bono would eventually find themselves on a record together. On album standout and future single... Read More


K’NAAN - Country, God, or the Girl [Album]

Fresh off making his return to record store shelves and radio airwaves with January's acclaimed More Beautiful Than Silence EP, Somali-Canadian hip-hop star and activist K'NAAN has released the full-length follow-up to 2009... Read More


K’NAAN - Hurt Me Tomorrow (Blown Out Cassette Remix) [Stream]

Just days after hitting us with the music video for single Hurt Me Tomorrow, Somali-born rapper K’NAAN continues to highlight the record with the release of Hurt Me Tomorrow (Blown Out Cassette Remix). Both versions... Read More


K’NAAN - Hurt Me Tomorrow [Stream]

In 34 years on this Earth, K’NAAN‘s seen more trouble and strife than most of us will, hopefully, in our lifetimes. I mean, the man did live in Mogadishu during the Somali Civil War. Love, however, is the great... Read More


K’NAAN ft. Nas - Nothing to Lose (Elev8tor Remix) [Stream]

Originally featured back in January, Nothing to Lose received positive reader reviews for K’NAAN and guest spitter Nas’ on-point lyrical content, but some felt that the poppy chorus detracted from its impact.... Read More


K’NAAN - More Beautiful Than Silence [Album]

Americans think the world ends at the sands of the California shore and the boardwalk of Coney Island, especially when it comes to hip-hop. Rappers from outside the 50 states are thought of as good (for a foreign guy) at best... Read Full Review


K’NAAN - Better [Stream]

Thought Nothing to Lose and Is Anybody Out There?, the previously-featured singles off K’NAAN‘s new EP, were dope? Well, number three is Better. As in, that’s its title—as for whether it’s superior,... Read More


K’NAAN ft. Nelly Furtado - Is Anybody Out There? [Stream]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch K’NAAN’s “Is Anybody Out There?” video. With his rise to prominence over the last several years, K’NAAN has demonstrated himself to be much... Read More


K’NAAN ft. Nas - Nothing to Lose [Stream]

Mixing introspective street rhymes with a ballad style chorus isn’t anything new in hip-hop. This style allows for worthy lyrics to escape prior to the sing-a-long hook that begs to get stuck in the heads of the... Read More


Skee TV: DJ Skee Continues “Up Close” Interview With K’NAAN [Updated Video] [Feature ]

In the first three installment of his new "Up Close" segment for Skee TV, DJ Skee hits the road with Booth favorite K'NAAN and explores the man behind the music. The video below shows the Somali-Canadian emcee and global... Read More


Nas & Damian Marley ft. K’NAAN - Africa Must Wake Up [Stream]

If you haven’t yet signed up for Nas and Damian Marley’s African tour, there’s no need to worry; even though their recent Booth features As We Enter and Strong Will Continue have caught fire, the tour is just beginning,... Read More


Chin (of The New Royales) ft. K’NAAN - Mask on My Face (DJ Khalil Remix) [Stream]

People who claim in seriousness to be one hundred percent real, one hundred percent of the time are either lying or just not watching themselves very closely – in truth, we all rock a variety of masks in our dealings with... Read More


K’NAAN - Wavin’ Flag (The Celebration Remix) [Stream]

Pop icon Nelly Furtado was discussing her favorite artists in a recent interview when K’NAAN’s name happened to come up. Almost word for word, she said, “You know how a lot of artists suck these days? Well, K’Naan... Read More


Duck Down Studio Session: KRS-ONE & Buckshot x K’NAAN [Video] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- This newly-released video shows Somali-Canadian emcee and Booth favorite K'naan collaborating with KRS-One & Buckshot on "Think of All the Things," a track set for inclusion on KRS & Buck's forthcoming... Read More


J. Period & K’NAAN Leak 3-Song Sneak Preview of “The Messengers” [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Today, August 18th, Booth-acclaimed emcee K'naan and renowned DJ J.Period announced their plans to join forces for a new remix project entitled The Messengers. In anticipation of the project, which will... Read More


K’naan Performs to Packed House at Minneapolis’ Fine Line [Exclusive] [Feature ]

Minneapolis, MN -- K'naan is an artist that defies categorization: a singer, emcee, poet, storyteller, and, thanks in part to the breakout success of his sophomore full-length, a high-profile commentator on global issues, he... Read More


Rock the Bells Exclusive Interview: K’naan [Video] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- In the fifth of eight exclusive video interviews shot behind the scenes at this year's Rock the Bells opener, DJ Z goes backstage with Booth favorite K'naan to discuss the selection of "Wavin' Flag" as South... Read More Exclusive: Rock The Bells 2009 Opener in Chicago [Feature ]

Tinley Park, IL -- The official start of summer for children is the end of the school year.  For those who are several years removed from the days of test-taking and homework, the official start of summer might be Memorial... Read More


K’Naan - Dayless Nite (Freestyle) [Stream]

Since Day ‘n’ Nite catapulted Kid CuDi to pop stardom, big names and unknowns alike have been bombarding the ‘net with their own renditions of the sleeper hit—which we’ve largely avoided featuring,... Read More


K’naan to Release “Twitter Single” Assembled from Fans’ Tweets [Feature ]

Toronto, ON -- Somali-Canadian musical trailblazer K'naan is about to collaborate with his fans in an unprecedented way -assembling a new version of his song "People Like Me" from their tweets on Twitter. On April 1st, K'naan... Read More


K’naan Teams up With Beatnick & K-Salaam on “You Can’t Buy This” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Minneapolis production duo K-Salaam & Beatnick have teamed up with Booth favorite K'naan to bring fans You Can't Buy This, a brand new "blend-tape" composed of previously-unreleased material by the... Read More


K’NAAN Delivers Grammy Speech for 2010 Following Concert [Video] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Late last month, K'naan stepped into the Booth for an exclusive interview in anticipation of the release of his sophomore LP, Troubador (out now). In a new video, the Somali-Canadian emcee meets up with our... Read More


K’naan Performs on Jimmy Kimmel; Continues Nationwide Tour [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- In a new video, Somali-Canadian rapper K'naan stops by a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform "ABCs," the lead single off his forthcoming LP, Troubadour. (due out next Tuesday, the 24th). K'naan is... Read More


K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: K’naan ft. Buckshot - In Jamaica [Stream]

It’s always great to see Booth-approved artists and beatsmiths working together.  In this case, K-Salaam and Beatnick, the Minneapolis up-and-comers who recently impressed our readers with their remixes of Never... Read More


K’naan - Troubadour [Album]

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A boy grows up in Mogadishu, Somalia, during a civil war so brutal the United Nations declares the country the most dangerous in the world. This is no ordinary boy. He’s the... Read Full Review

K’naan Spits Live Freestyle for, Interview To Follow [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Toronto emcee K'naan, who is currently preparing for the February 24th release of his sophomore album, Troubador, has recorded a live freestyle in anticipation of his exclusive interview with our own DJ Z,... Read More


K’naan Releases “ABCs” Music Video, Prepares to Drop “Troubadour” [Feature ]

Toronto, ON -- Somalian-born emcee K'naan has just released an official, Marcus Roby-directed music video for "ABCs," the Troubador lead single that saw him speaking out about the struggles of youths growing up in... Read More


K’naan - Somalia [Stream]

Though K’naan currently resides in Toronto, if you ask him which locale he represents, he’ll tell you he represents his birthplace of Somalia all the way. Like many other African nations, Somalia has had more than... Read More


K’naan & Matisyahu Announce Winter Tour Dates [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Somalia-to-Canada transplant K'naan who has been praised in the Booth for his honest portrayal of African life on cuts like "ABCs," has joined forces with Hasidic reggae sensation Matisyahu for a winter tour.... Read More


K’Naan Joins Mos Def For Live Performance of “My God” [Feature ]

Atlanta, GA-- Somalian-born, Canadian-raised rapper K'Naan, whose recent single, "ABCs," was praised by DJBooth members for its authentic depiction of the hardships faced by African youth, has joined forces with emcee Mos Def... Read More


K’Naan - ABCs [Stream]

Talk about Mama Africa: Somalian-born and Canadian-raised emcee K’Naan truly represents one of the most war-ravaged sections of his home continent. The “Dusty Philosopher” has seen firsthand the terrors of violence and... Read More


K’naan ft. MWafrica & M-1 - Soobax [Stream]

Don’t strain yourself trying to figure out what K’naan is singing in his new single Soobax; some sections (including the chorus) are not in English.  With a half African, half reggae beat to dance to,... Read More