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Mac Miller, Brain Surgery & Learning to Slow Down [Feature ]

What’s more glamorous than jumping out of a parked car in a bank parking lot to throw up? Or, going to the hospital to find out you have a benign brain tumor crushing your pituitary gland? Or, learning that... Read More


“It Stops You From Focusing”: Mac Miller on “Worrying About” Kendrick, Drake & Chance [Feature ]

Competition is embedded in the foundation of hip-hop, but over the past 10 years, rap music has become more friendly and less contentious as countless artists have tried to emulate their peers, riding whatever wave is popular... Read More


Mac Miller Cleared Sufjan Stevens Sample on “Donald Trump” For Free [Feature ]

On March 11, 2011, Mac Miller released his fifth career mixtape, Best Day Ever. Among the 16 tracks included on the freely-released project was "Donald Trump," a song that famously went on to become one of the... Read More


Mac Miller, ‘Faces’ & Why We’re Attracted to Artists Killing Themselves [Feature ]

"This poem is for those who think that A man can only be a creative genius At the very edge Even though they never had the guts To try it" - Charles Bukowski (“Gold In Your Eye”) Swirling, fluorescent... Read More


Why Chance The Rapper Returned to Chicago After “Ungodly” Experience in LA [Feature ]

Kevin Coval, the founder of the Louder Than a Bomb poetry festival and the artistic director for Young Chicago Authors, is set to release his book of poetry The People's History of Chicago on April 11. The... Read More


Mac Miller Dives into Trap, New Banger With Carnage & Madeintyo On The Way [Feature ]

Just because Mac Miller's last album was about the various stages of love doesn't mean he can't or won't still turn up at any given moment. On Wednesday (January 25), genre-blending DJ and... Read More


Dear Rap Fans: The Mainstream Isn’t Always The Doorway to Doom [Feature ]

Social media is an excellent medium to connect, discuss and debate with our readers. Recently, DJBooth Editor-in-Chief Z took to Facebook and posed an interesting question: "If you were a DJ, what artist would you try to... Read More


Ariana Grande Experiences Mac Miller Stan Misogyny, This Has To Stop [Feature ]

I genuinely wish I didn’t have to be typing these words right now. The fact that anyone still needs to remind the world that objectifying a woman is wrong in 2016 is outrageous, but as long as this problem persists,... Read More


The Moment I Realized the Rappers I Grew Up With Actually Grew Up [Feature ]

Maybe it took you longer than everyone else to figure out how to barf rainbows on Snapchat. Maybe a youngster shot you a sideways look when you attempted to casually use “finna” in a sentence. Maybe you saw... Read More


Things Go From Bad to Worse: Mac Miller’s “Donald Trump” is Back on the Charts [Feature ]

Let me preface this by saying I‘m a big fan of Mac Miller, both as an artist and human being. Since dropping Macadelic four years ago, he’s been one of my favorite rappers. I love how he’s practically a pop... Read More


10 Artists Missing From Spotify’s Top 25 Under 25 List [Feature ]

As Spotify continues to dominate the streaming landscape, the platform has become useful as a tool to measure an artist’s buzz and relevance, as we recently detailed with hip-hop’s limited representation... Read More


Mac Miller: People Assume Eminem is “Why I Got Into Rap” [Feature ]

Typically, Mass Appeal’s video series Time Alone is fairly nonsensical and cheeky. Last week, the latest installment was released with Mac Miller—but this time, Miller’s conversation with himself... Read More


Spread Love: How Hip-Hop is Teaching Us to Love Ourselves [Feature ]

Recently, while listening to Mick Jenkins' debut album The Healing Component, I was struck by the prominence of the theme of love throughout the project (which fellow DJBooth contributor Tara so perfectly... Read More


Forget The Numbers, Mac Miller’s “The Divine Feminine” isn’t a Disappointment [Feature ]

At first glance, it would be easy to label Mac Miller's new album, The Divine Feminine, as a disappointment, but we suggest you look a little deeper. Despite debuting in the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Top 200, the... Read More


Mac Miller’s Musically Daring “The Divine Feminine” Only Possible With No Label A&Rs [Feature ]

Last week, Mac Miller released The Divine Feminine, a jazzy love album that features a singing Mac just as much does as it does a rapping Mac. Despite the project's gloriously poppy lead single "Dang!," which has somehow... Read More


Mac Miller & Kendrick Lamar Defy Expectations on “God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty” [Feature ]

Considering Mac Miller’s close connection with both ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul, it’s surprising it’s taken this long for a proper collaboration between Mac and TDE’s pride and joy, Kendrick Lamar. While... Read More


Mac Miller “The Divine Feminine” 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Valentine’s Day is just five months away. Five months until restaurants are flooded, roses are bought in bulk, diamonds are exchanged, and love is made. Valentine’s Day is why February has become the unanimous... Read More


Mac Miller Reveals Emotional Story Behind Anderson .Paak’s “Dang!” Hook [Feature ]

Mac Miller recently sat down with Genius to kick off their brand new Verified interview series in which artists break down the lyrics of a popular song from their catalog, revealing a deeper or hidden meaning. It's... Read More


Mac Miller’s “The Divine Feminine” Album Is About The Stages Of Love [Feature ]

Mac Miller loves music. I can’t name another rapper with a SoundCloud that includes a song featuring Prodigy and a cover of Bright Eyes’ “Lua.” Mac being a studio rat, he creates with the... Read More


Mac Miller The English Teacher? It Could Have Happened [Feature ]

Mac Miller has been on one hell of a hot streak the past few years, navigating through an evolution of skill and sound that has left early Mac-haters with their proverbial Jordans wedged all the way in their mouths.... Read More


Mac Miller is Floating in the Clouds on CeeLo-Assisted Single “We” [Feature ]

With his new album slated for release next month, Mac Miller has dropped off a new CeeLo Green-assisted single, entitled "We." Unlike the previously-released, glorious pop gem that is "Dang" with Anderson .Paak, a... Read More


The 7 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums Before The End of 2016 [Feature ]

Anticipation is such a peculiar feeling when it comes to music in 2016. All this music makes me feel as if I’m in a grand buffet with endless platters of food, and even with a full plate, my eyes can’t help but... Read More


Mac Miller’s Creative Evolution Through His Music Videos [Feature ]

There’s a tingle of excitement that can be felt when witnessing growth. I imagine the early eyes that watched the transformation of Steph Curry felt the tingle as they observed a good college baller who was drafted... Read More


Mac Miller Goes Full Pop With “Dang” Video & It’s Glorious [Feature ]

Typically when a beloved indie rapper signs to a major label fans cower in fear, wary that their hero's music will soon be controlled by A&Rs and men in suits, but I don't remember hearing much of that worry when... Read More


Mac Miller To Release New Album “The Divine Feminine” in September [Feature ]

Mac Miller is set to release a brand new album, The Divine Feminine, this September. Miller shared the news during a brief interview with Zane Lowe during a Beats 1 radio program that also included... Read More


Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller) - Run-On Sentences, Volume Two [Album]

Taking up his familiar Larry Fisherman pseudonym once again, Mac Miller had dropped off Run-On Sentences, Volume Two, a smoked-out, psychedelic instrumental project and the follow-up to the original Run-On Sentences released... Read More


Mac Miller Talks Race Relations, Urges Fans to Not Support Donald Trump [Feature ]

Like it or not, Mac Miller will forever be linked to Donald Trump. Today, it feels more like "or not." In 2011, while signed to Rostrum Records, the Pittsburgh native released his Trump-titled single, which would... Read More


Mac Miller - GO:OD AM [Album]

At long last, Pittsburgh emcee Mac Miller has followed-up last year's Booth-acclaimed project, Faces, with the release of GO:OD AM, his third studio album and major label debut on REMember Music/Warner Bros. Records. The... Read More


Mac Miller “GO:OD AM” | 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

It’s Monday afternoon and the rumored Drake and Future mixtape that sent the internet into a chaotic frenzy last week is still just a rumor. The hype train barely got on the tracks before derailing, the internet... Read More


Mac Miller - Break The Law [Stream]

Mac Miller has released Break The Law, the second single off his forthcoming album, GO:OD AM, due out September 18 via Warner Bros. The record, featuring an uncredited Juicy J on ad libs, follows 100 Grandkids, the LP’s... Read More


Mac Miller - Pet Sounds ft. Sean Price [Stream]

Mac Miller, fresh off the release of GOOD:AM lead single 100 Grandkids, has unveiled Pet Sounds, a Nottz-produced record that features the late Sean Price. The record was recorded shortly before he passed. Duckdown Records is... Read More


I’m Almost Ready to Call Mac Miller a Great Emcee [Feature ]

[Art by Jon47] Mac Miller entered hip-hop rhyming about senior skip day and frozen pizza, the kind of rapper that reminded you of Zack Morris, full of teenage hi-jinks and easy living. He had fans across the states, touring... Read More


Mac Miller - 100 Grandkids [Stream]

Mac Miller returns with 100 Grandkids, the first single off his highly-anticipated new album, GO:OD AM, due out September 18. The Sha Money XL-produced record marks the first release for Miller since signing a label deal with... Read More


Retchy P - Troubled Man’s Lullaby ft. Mac Miller [Stream & Download]

The world is a very f**ked up place. It is this vibe that is perfectly and hauntingly captured on Troubled Man’s Lullaby, a loosie from New Jersey buzzmaker Retchy P. Tip-toeing alongside the Booth newcomer is Mac... Read More


Hardo - Fast Life ft. Mac Miller & Njomza [Stream]

Based on Hardo‘s previous features, most recently the T.I.-assisted I Know You Ain’t Gon Act, you should already know he lives the Fast Life. To drive the point home, we have one of the standout tracks off of his... Read More


Mac Miller - Boo! (Interlude) [Stream]

On Thursday evening, Mac Miller asked his fans if they “wanna hear some raps?” 2,600 RTs and a few hours later, Miller released Boo! (Interlude), a two minute loosie produced by ClockworkDJ. There is no word on... Read More


Mac Miller - Days [Stream]

On Monday, in honor of 4/20, TREEJTV and Clockwork DJ released Baum BLVD, a 12-track free mixtape. Unquestionably, the standout selection off the project is Days, a wavey new offering from Mac Miller. Produced by the artist... Read More


EarthGang - Monday ft. Mac Miller [Stream]

No one likes returning to work after a weekend of relaxation but, with the promise of dope new music just a few sunsets away, your first eight hours on the job are bound to pass even more slowly than they otherwise would.... Read More


Mack Maine ft. 2 Chainz & Mac Miller - Living All of Your Dreams [Stream]

Mack Maine didn’t become the President of Young Money by listening to the doubters and compromising on his ambitions; he did what was necessary to turn his luxurious fantasies into reality. On his latest single he rubs... Read More


Yo, When Did Mac Miller Become So Dope? [Feature ]

Humans are a stubborn species. Once we get an idea in our heads, there is very little that can be done to change our opinion; just ask Galileo, Darwin or the thousands of otherwise rational people who... Read More


Mac Miller - Just Some Raps, Nothing to See Here, Move Along [Stream]

It’s the end of an era, folks. Mac Miller, the Pittsburgh native whose name has become synonymous with “indie success story,” has gone major. And it’s hard to blame him; the contract that’s been drawn up... Read More


Thelonious Martin ft. Mac Miller - Her [Stream]

Young producer Thelonious Martin has spent his last few years restlessly feeding the internet, creating a name for himself in the underground. After countless mixtapes, placements, and remixes Thelonious is ready to drop his... Read More


Boaz ft. Mac Miller - Don’t Know [Stream]

When I saw that Boaz‘s latest single featured him joining forces with indie heavyweight, former labelmate and fellow Pittsburgh native Mac Miller, my gut told me I was in for a very dope listen. And what do you know? My... Read More


Mac Miller - Diablo [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added the Tree J-directed visuals for Mac Miller’s Diablo. At first glance, Mac Miller seems like a strange choice to play rap’s version of El DIABLO. (Tech N9ne and Tyler, The Creator are... Read More


Ab-Soul ft. ScHoolboy Q & Mac Miller - Hunnid Stax [Stream]

With the release of his next album just two short weeks away, Top Dawg lyricist Ab-Soul returns to the Booth with another fresh single off the set. The follow-up to early May’s Booth-approved Stigmata, Hunnid Stax finds... Read More


Mac Miller ft. ScHoolboy Q - Melt [Stream]

Like most flicks, Mac Miller‘s sophomore set,  Watching Movies With the Sound Off, had a few scenes left on the cutting room floor. Today, the Pittsburgh indie phenom unveils one such outtake, a collaborative cut... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Sir Michael Rocks - What Do You Do [Stream]

In a social context, when someone asks, “So, What Do You Do?”, they’re typically expecting you to name your career. But, truth be told, a lot of the most interesting sh*t we do has nothing to do with the titles on... Read More


Mac Miller - Faces [Album]

Tonight, Mac Miller decided to pull a Beyonce and drop a heavyweight project with only a single promo video as warning, springing his new project Faces on the Internet almost out of nowhere. The star-studded affair comes... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Dash, Ab-Soul, Vince Staples & Retch - Amen [Stream]

On a recent promo cut, Mac Miller wondered whether he might be hip-hop’s version of el Diablo. The fact that his latest feature is called Amen may seem contradictory at first blush, but hit play and you’ll quickly... Read More


Mac Miller - Avian [Stream]

Mac Miller‘s last feature, self-produced loosie Diablo, found the Pittsburgh representative struggling with dark thoughts on the topic of mortality. With the latest single off his sophomore full-length, the former... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Treejay - Erica’s House [Stream]

While Snoop may have him beat as far as sheer quantity of bud smoked, I think Mac Miller may be the most stoned man in hip-hop. If you doubt that statement, just take a listen to the opening lines of new promo single... Read More