New Planet Asia Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Planet Asia - Twist One [Stream]

Early next month, underground emcee Planet Asia and veteran producer DJ Fresh, both west coast natives with a shared history in hip-hop, will release a collaborative album. The first taste off the forthcoming release is Twist... Read More


DirtyDiggs - Splash Gordon ft. Rozewood, Planet Asia & Killa Kali [Stream]

Three weeks after blessing our front page with the tremendously-acclaimed V12 Engines, beat duo DirtyDiggs is back on our front page with another fresh single off its next studio album. On Splash Gordon, the headliners’... Read More


CashUs King ft. Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Blu & Yamin Semali - Black Hockey Players [Stream & Download]

When I think of an NHL star, I think of missing teeth, rinkside fisticuffs… and skin so white it it just might blind you. CashUs King, however, ain’t about to let stereotypes dictate what he can and can’t... Read More


Planet Asia ft. Jazimoto - Gold Chain, California [Stream]

Planet Asia may hail from Fresno but, with the way he and his circle have been shining, it might as well be called Gold Chain, California. On a freshly-minted single off beatsmith duo DirtyDiggs’ latest digital... Read More


Rah Digga ft. Planet Asia - Doomsday Preppers [Stream]

Are you gonna be ready when the world as we know it comes to a crashing halt? Personally, I’d be surprised if I lasted more than a couple days in an apocalyptic scenario. Jersey vet Rah Digga, on the other hand, has all... Read More


DirtyDiggs & Planet Asia - Off the Turf [Stream]

In the near future DirtyDiggs will showcase their behind-the-boards prowess on a brand new instrumental LP. “Instrumental” is a relative term, though, because the set will feature bars by at least one of the Gold Chain... Read More


TriState ft. Planet Asia & Mitchy Slick - Polyester Square [Stream]

Recently, an Instagram user by the name of FakeWatchBusta has been embarrassing rappers by pointing out that their luxury watches are nothing but shoddy knockoffs. You won’t see TriState or any member of his clique get... Read More


Planet Asia - The Barbarian [Stream & Download]

Planet Asia is known for spitting the kind of intricate spiritual and metaphysical reflections that send listeners scurrying for RapGenius, but you shouldn’t mistake his intellectual bent for a lack of fire and... Read More


Planet Asia - Reflections (Apollo Brown Remix) [Stream]

In 2013, Fresno underground mainstay Planet Asia hooked up with beatsmith Gensu Dean to drop the critically-acclaimed Abrasions LP. On the emcee’s latest release of the new year, Motown’s Apollo Brown jumps behind... Read More


Planet Asia - Light Beams [Stream]

Absent from our front page since dropping off reader-acclaimed EP inclusion You Go Slavia in October of last year, Planet Asia returns to kick off his 2014 with Light Beams, a loosie pulled from the vault in honor of Black... Read More


Planet Asia - You Go Slavia [Stream]

Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for EP single Diamonds, Dollars & Gold, West Coast underground mainstay Planet Asia bounces back with You Go Slavia, a new release off producer Frank the Butcher‘s... Read More


Planet Asia x DirtyDiggs - Diamonds, Dollars & Gold [Stream]

Though nations have long since stopped pegging their currencies to precious metals, Planet Asia is still on the gold standard. On the latest single off his and DirtyDiggs’ DJBooth-approved collaborative EP, Golden State... Read More


Planet Asia x DirtyDiggs - High End Cloths EP [Album]

In honor of the September 10, release of their debut collaborative EP, High End Cloths, Fresno, Cali rhymesayer Planet Asia and Los Angeles beatsmiths DirtyDiggs have come together with The DJBooth to offer a free, exclusive... Read More


Upcoming Rap & R&B Album Alert: Weeknd’s “Kiss Land”, 2 Chainz’ “B.O.A.T.s II” & More [Feature ]

Here at The DJBooth we strive to always keep our readers well informed of all the latest album, mixtape and EP releases. So every Friday we will preview the week ahead in new releases, highlighting the hip hop projects, both... Read More


SMC (Shae Money x Chuuwee) ft. Planet Asia - Lit… Loaded… Lost… [Stream]

In this world, there are just three things you can truly count on: death, taxes, and Chuuwee blowing the most dro. Single numéro trois (and world premiere numéro deux) off his forthcoming collaborative set with Shae Money,... Read More


Planet Asia ft. Killa Kali & Killer Ben - The Gods Speak [Stream]

According to the teachings of the Five Percent Nation, Asiatic black men are Earth’s true gods, since their race was the first present on the planet. A devotee of the Islamic sect, Cali underground heavyweight Planet... Read More


Planet Asia x Ras Kass - Kings [Stream]

Hockey and hip-hop aren’t topics typically mentioned in the same sentence, but Fresno vet Planet Asia and Watts native Ras Kass were just as excited as anyone to watch the Los Angeles Kings skate their way to victory in... Read More


Gensu Dean & Planet Asia ft. David Banner & Tragedy Khadafi - Thyself [Stream & Download]

During his recent trip to Africa, Cali underground mainstay Planet Asia picked up more than the usual assortment of souvenirs; his travels also left him with a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom. On new promo single... Read More


Shae Money ft. Planet Asia, Element Rhymes & C-Ray - Reflection [Stream & Download]

Last month, Planet Asia linked with producer Gensu Dean to release Abrasions, a joint album that is available for purchase and stream via The DJBooth. Now Asia has returned for another “ion”-suffixed effort with... Read More


Gensu Dean & Planet Asia - Abrasions [Album]

The Grand Imperial Gensu Dean and West Coast legend Planet Asia have teamed up for Abrasions, a frantic ride through 17 tracks of unbridled Hip-Hop. Planet Asia is at his best spitting bar after bar of lyrical fire, filled... Read More


Gensu Dean x Planet Asia - Faces on the Dollar [Stream & Download]

When people say that money talks, they’re usually asking someone to prove the value of their words by putting their pocketbook on the line. Planet Asia takes the idiom in a more literal direction on the lead single off... Read More


Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson ft. Planet Asia - Nasty [Stream & Download]

If I were to say that I find black licorice to be Nasty—and I do—there’s bound to be at least one person who challenges my opinion in the comment section below. When it comes to Apollo Brown and Guilty... Read More


Rasco ft. Planet Asia - Gat in Your Mouth [Stream]

Fresh off yesterday’s release of his 12th solo LP, West Coast stalwart Rasco makes his grand entrance into The DJBooth with a fresh single off the project. On Gat in the Mouth, the San Francisco emcee gives his... Read More


Evidence ft. Planet Asia - Sakura [Stream]

Combining a Japanese folk classic with the an obscure, early rap record like Adventures of Futura 2000 might seem unintuitive at first blush but, in reality, the genesis of Evidence‘s latest promo single couldn’t... Read More


Planet Asia x Killa Kali - Pirate Aura [Stream]

Just what is it that makes a pirate—is it the eyepatch? The parrot? The swishy Captain Jack Sparrow walk? The tendency to chew on your ‘arrr’s? All good guesses, but no. While Planet Asia and Killa Kali are... Read More


Planet Asia ft. Fashawn & Willie The Kid - F**k Rappers [Stream]

Fresno, stand up! On F**k Rappers, a Dr. Zodiak-directed video single from Planet Asia‘s 10th full-length, the underground veteran comes together with fellow Grizzly City native Fashawn to drop aggressive bars over... Read More


Planet Asia ft. Raekwon - No Apologies [Stream]

I don’t want to be one of those old hip-hop heads who spend his days complaining about how everything was better way back when. I really don’t. But as much as I try to expand my musical boundaries, as soon as a... Read More


Planet Asia & Doo Wop - Leather Goose Musik [Stream & Download]

A classier variation on the classic bubble goose jacket, leather goose finally gets its own theme song on the latest leak off Planet Asia and Doo Wop‘s forthcoming street album. On Leather Goose Muzik, Twiz The Beat... Read More


Planet Asia ft. Timbo King & Hell Razah - Flash Backs [Stream]

Still craving more Planet Asia after checking out the West Coast underground mainstay’s currently-featured single, Golden State? We’ve got you covered. Flash Backs, the latest leak off DJ J-Ronin and DJ... Read More


Planet Asia - Golden State [Stream & Download]

Planet Asia may not be the biggest-name rapper to come out of California but, as an architect of his region’s underground scene with a discography stretching back to the mid-‘90s, he’s done as much for the... Read More


BURNTmd ft. Planet Asia & Copywrite - Medicine Ball [Stream & Download]

The great state of Vermont – also known as “The Green Mountain State” – is known for things like maple syrup, bed & breakfasts, popular 80’s TV show Newhart and the band Phish. What they are not known for is... Read More


Rel!g!on ft. Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Jasiri X & Torae - Classical Music [Stream & Download]

Like many of us, REL!G!ON sometimes amuses himself by dreaming up fictional rap supergroups—unlike us, however, he has the wherewithal to make those fantasies a reality. On Booth debut Classical Music, the up-and-coming... Read More


Planet Asia x G-Force - Corner Store [Stream & Download]

Originally recorded back in ‘08, Planet Asia and G-Force‘s “lost” collaborative LP will finally see the light of day in just a few short days. To whet listeners’ appetites, the duo have stepped... Read More


Montage Øne ft. Gold Chain Military - Black SpaceShips [Stream & Download]

As those who have bumped Phonte and Exile’s contributions already know, our new Event 20/20 series has started out with a bang. Well, today we crank up the volume once again with the premiere of Montage Øne and the Gold... Read More


Drewtradition ft. Planet Asia, Tristate, & Sick Jacken - Live & Direct [Stream & Download]

Previously heard manning the boards as B-Real, Apathy and Young De speculated about their potential demises, buzzmaking producer Drewtradition takes a less morbid direction on the latest single off his forthcoming street... Read More


Unknown Prophets ft. Planet Asia - Knockin’ Out Impostors [Stream & Download]

The Twin Cities area is known for being an underground hip-hop hotbed, and the group Unknown Prophets is a group from the Mini Apple that have found a way to carve out their own niche in a crowded scene. Their latest effort... Read More


General Monks (Planet Asia & TriState) - Bar Season [Stream & Download]

On their latest single and first Booth feature as a duo, the General Monks (made up of Planet Asia and TriState) wax poetic about Bar Season—the time when good friends gather at local watering holes to escape from the... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Big Twinz, Freddie Gibbs, Tri-State & Planet Asia - On the Corner [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of his latest EP, Boston DJ/producer Statik Selektah returns to our pages to raise awareness of the project with new street single On the Corner. Here, Statik and West Coast heavyweight The... Read More


Planet Asia - Nothin Wrong [Stream]

Aside from a recent guest appearance on Mean Doe Green‘s Blue Ribbon Rap, underground mainstay Planet Asia‘s been absent from the Booth for a lo-o-o-ng time. Seriously – last we heard from him, Bush was still... Read More