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Rittz “Top of the Line” Cheat Code Album Review [Feature ]

A crazy amount of music just dropped. New emcees, foreign emcees, producers, pop superstars, R&B crooners, and some guy named Chance; you can’t even swing a lil yachty without hitting an artist worthy... Read More


Rittz - Top Of The Line [Album]

Nearly two years removed from his last studio effort Next To Nothing, Gwinnett County native and longtime Booth favorite Rittz has released his third album on indie powerhouse Strange Music, entitled Top Of The Line. The LP... Read More


Rittz Just Absolutely Murdered His Bless the Booth Freestyle (Video) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube After last week's exclusive from NYC-based duo Koncept and J57, our very own Bless The Booth series heads down South (in spirit, at least) for a collaboration... Read More


Rittz - LAF (Remix) ft. Yelawolf, Royce Da 5’9” & KXNG CROOKED [Stream]

What happens when Strange Music, Slumerican, Shady and Slaughterhouse get together? Oh, just a remixed version of Rittz’ LAF, a Matic Lee-produced single off his 2014 album Next to Nothing, which now features guest... Read More


Sincerely Collins ft. Rittz & Jarren Benton - Light Work [Stream]

Update: The JDFilms-directed visuals for Sincerely Collins Light Work single have been added. When I spoke to Sincerely Collins for our Top Prospects profile, he mentioned that his upcoming Destroyer album would be a... Read More


DJ Burn One ft. Rittz - Fish Hook [Stream]

Some records pass through your mental like water through a sieve. Others get stuck there every bit as quickly and tenaciously as a Fish Hook snags in a trout’s mouth. With apologies to all y’all for that slightly... Read More


iNDEEDFACE ft. Rittz - Wild Chile (Remix) [Stream]

When not piecing together head-noddable hip-hop beats, longtime Booth fave DJ Burn One can often be found crafting eclectic, rock/soul-informed material as part of Atlanta-based band iNDEEDFace. Today, we get our first taste... Read More


Rittz ft. Twista - Bounce [Stream]

Update: The Anthony Devera-directed visuals for Rittz’ Bounce single has been added. When you see either Rittz or Twista show up on the Booth front page, you can be relatively confident you’re about to hear a lot... Read More


Big K.R.I.T. ft. Juicy J, Rittz & A$AP Ferg - Drinkers Club [Stream]

A job of any kind within the music business is highly stressful. (Unless, you are a certain Doctor who stays cashing checks from Apple.) In order to keep the creative juices flowing, artists must find a release of some kind... Read More


“Google Me Bitch”: A Lyrical Album Review of Rittz’ “Next to Nothing” [Feature ]

Rittz' Next to Nothing album just dropped, and now that it's hit the collective ear drums of the world, I'm sure there will be no shortage of words spilled about it: album reviews, think pieces about the... Read More


Rittz - Next to Nothing [Album]

Rittz' "Next to Nothing" album just dropped, and now that it's hit the collective ear drums of the world, I'm sure there will be no shortage of words spilled about it: album reviews, think pieces about the state of white... Read Full Review


Rittz - Crown Royal [Stream]

If there’s one emcee I can’t picture sipping pricey cognac, Rosé or other beverages commonly name-dropped among rap’s upper crust, it’s Rittz. I can, however, see him getting down with a bottle of... Read More


Rittz - White Rapper [Stream]

The recent success of Iggy Azalea has reminded us that White Rappers can do anything—including adopting any accent—their darker-skinned peers can do. (Whether they should, well, that’s up for debate.) Still, the... Read More


Interview With a “White Rapper”: Rittz on Race, Respect & Hip-Hop [Feature ]

As a white person who both loves hip-hop and has made it my occupation, I often think about how I maneuver in an art form rooted in experiences and circumstances drastically different than my own. And I only write about... Read More


Rittz - Turn Down [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added the brand new Anthony Devera-directed visuals for Turn Down. Last week, Rittz teased his upcoming LP with the release of the Yelawolf-assisted Profit, his first solo feature on our pages in more... Read More


Rittz ft. Yelawolf & Shawty Fatt - Profit [Stream]

For the past 12 months and change we’ve heard Next to Nothing from Rittz. Sure, he’s dropped by for the occasional guest appearance, but that’s pretty thin gruel compared to the volume of content he’s... Read More


Tour Buses & Titty Signings: Life With Rittz on the OD Tour [Feature ]

Concert reviews are a lot like that epic party that you missed. It never sounds as good the day after, and really, unless you were there, you just don't have the same experience. Hearing about how Action Bronson scrapped with... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Tech N9ne & Rittz - Freak (Extended Mix) [Stream]

Back in May of 2013, when Wrekonize brought us the world premiere of single Freak, many listeners expressed their wish that the song had been a bit longer. Well, those complaints didn’t fall upon deaf ears. It’s... Read More


RyattFienix ft. Rittz - Suicide [Stream & Download]

Back in January, DJBooth’s sister site,, declared RyattFienix the next artist to blow. Obviously their editors are not psychic, but they are totally on to something. The artist’s last single,... Read More


Rittz Embarks on National “Life & Times” Tour With Jarren Benton & Snow Tha Product [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Tonight, Slumerican/Strange Music signee and longtime Booth fave Rittz will be kicking off his Life + Times Tour with a show at Murfreesboro, Tennessee's Main Street Live venue. Running through December 8,... Read More


Tom P ft. Rittz - Sloppy Seconds [Stream]

Normally, there’s nothing appetizing about Sloppy Seconds. When they’re being served up by an artist as talented as Tom P., though, it’s tough to resist digging in. On this newly-released mixtape inclusion,... Read More


Stevie Stone ft. Rittz & Tech N9ne - The Baptism [Stream]

You aren’t a member of the church of Stevie Stone? Well, hold your nose, dip back and get ready for The Baptism. While the title might make Stone’s record sound like a hymn, don’t expect to hear the ominous, Josh... Read More


Rittz ft. Mike Posner - Switch Lanes [Stream]

For Real, the reader-acclaimed lead single off Rittz’ Strange Music debut album, found him departing from his trademark confessional bars to (in the words of one Richard) “[wild] the f*ck out over a hot beat.”... Read More


Rittz - The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant [Album]

When you’re in high school, your horizon often only extends as far as your beat up, hand me down, used car will drive; and that’s if you’re lucky enough to have a beat up car. The people you know might as well be the... Read Full Review


Rittz - Like I Am [Stream]

If it feels like only yesterday Rittz stepped into the Booth with the Mike Posner-assisted Switch Lanes, well, that’s because it was yesterday. But, considering the level of acclaim the Strange Music emcee routinely... Read More


Rittz - For Real [Stream]

Along with his triple-time flows and curly locks, one of Rittz’ most defining features has been his commitment to keeping it one-hundred—whether that means sharing intimate details of his struggles with substance... Read More


Rittz ft. Tech N9ne - Bloody Murdah (Remix) [Stream]

If I can be allowed to drop some insider info, Rittz originally hoped to include Tech N9ne on the original version of Bloody Murdah, but the Strange Music head honcho was too busy, you know, touring more than anyone ever to... Read More


Dubb Sicks ft. Rittz & Cory Kendrix - I’m Gowne [Stream]

For an aspiring emcee, who is wondering how get their music to grace the pages of DJBooth, there are a few things you should and should not do. For instance, do not send us a remix of Read More


Rittz ft. Jihad - All We Know [Stream]

New Strange Music signee Rittz‘s music undoubtedly has a dark side, but that willingness to shine a light on the parts of life that so often get swept under the rug is part of the appeal. The ATL native has always had a... Read More


Tech N9ne, Yelawolf & More Rock DJBooth’s A3C (Video Wrap-Up) [Feature ]

Last week The DJBooth and SupaHotBeats delivered one of the dopest shows you'll ever see with the likes of Tech N9ne, Yelawolf, Rittz, Emilio Rojas and many more at the A3C Music Festival. But if you missed all the action... Read More


TrakkSounds x Cory Mo Present - Atlanta Smokers Only [Stream & Download]

What do you get when you combine a slew of Atlanta’s most noted veteran and up-and-coming emcees, an absurd amount of Mary Jane, and a splash of barbecue? No, not the BET Hip Hop Awards. Rather, you get the visuals for... Read More


The Road to A3C: Rittz [Feature ]

The DJBooth is proud to announce that the Rittz will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. First heard alongside his Slumerican compatriot Yelawolf, Rittz has gone on to make a name for himself... Read More


Big Hud ft. Rittz - I Ride Dirty [Stream & Download]

You haven’t been properly introduced to a Texan emcee if you don’t know the particulars of where, when, what, how and with whom he drives. (The “why,” of course, is self-evident.) Dallas rapper Big Hud... Read More


Rittz ft. Nikkiya - Paradise [Stream & Download]

I know what you’re thinking: “A video from Rittz, and it’s titled ‘Paradise’? There must be a catch.” Nope—while the Slumerican/Strange Music emcee’s past output has always focused on... Read More


Rittz - Questions 2012 [Stream]

As described in the Strange Music boss’ recent video announcement, Tech N9ne‘s recent decision to sign Booth fave Rittz was motivated as much by his personal respect for the ATL rhymesayer’s mic skills as it... Read More


Rittz Inks Deal With Tech N9ne’s Strange Music [Video] [Feature ]

Rittz, the Atlanta underground spitter behind DJBooth-hosted, reader-acclaimed street releases White Jesus and White Jesus: Revival, has just inked a deal with Tech N9ne's Strange Music, joining fellow Booth favorites like... Read More


The League of Extraordinary Gz ft. Rittz - Yes He Is (Rebirth) [Stream]

Last year hip-hop lost a promising emcee, a family lost a father, husband and son and The League of Extraordinary Gz lost a founding member when Esbe the 6th St. Bully tragically passed away. But Esbe’s spirit lives on... Read More


Yelawolf ft. Rittz - Growin’ Up in the Gutter [Stream]

You don’t need to be dark-skinned and living in the inner-city projects to experience the cruelty this world has to offer. Though he himself came up amid struggle and poverty, Yelawolf reminds us that one’s life... Read More


SL Jones x DJ Burn One ft. Rittz - M.D.M.A. [Stream & Download]

Having administered their own version of anti-drug program D.A.R.E. on their last feature, SL Jones and DJ Burn One once again grapple with the destructive allure of drugs on the latest single off their collaborative street... Read More


Jarren Benton ft. Rittz & Jon Connor - Billion Bucks [Stream & Download]

What could be better than feeling like a million bucks? Try feeling like a Billion Bucks. Not only does Jarren Benton‘s latest single find him in $1,000,000,000 worth of high spirits, but the ATL fave’s brought... Read More


Rittz to Resurrect Hip-Hop on Summer “The Revival Tour” [Feature ]

White Jesus: Revival creator and Slumerican representative Rittz is set to embark on a 30 stop national tour that will take him from Florida to L.A. to NYC and everywhere in between. In addition to Rittz' well-proven live... Read More


Rittz - Walking on Air [Stream]

A dope song demands some dope visuals so it’s no surprise that the impressively coiffed, spitfire rapping Rittz chose Walking on Air for his latest video. A standout cut from his recently released White Jesus: Revival... Read More


Rittz - Love Me [Stream & Download]

While the casual fan may know Rittz as that white guy with the huge hair, or one of the game’s best double-time flow practitioners, or an accomplished amateur birdwatcher (ok, I made that last one up), loyalists of the... Read More


Rittz - Cashin’ Out (Speedmix) [Stream & Download]

Fresh off hooking up with the Booth to drop his White Jesus re-release, Rittz returns to our pages with a freshly-minted “Speedmix” of ATL rapper Cash Out‘s new single, Cashin’ Out. Premiered by our... Read More


Rittz - White Jesus: Revival [Album]

There are one-hundred reasons why Rittz won’t become a successful rapper – let’s go ahead and name a few. For starters, he’s white, which always invites suspicion. And to make matters worse, he’s Southern and white... Read Full Review


Rittz - Bloody Murdah [Stream & Download]

A few days ago, Kobe Bryant made the bold statement that he hasn’t had any “rivals” throughout his career in the NBA. To put it in layman’s terms, Kobe basically said “y’all other dudes ain’t sh*t and... Read More


Rittz - White Jesus: Revival [Album]

Slumerican rhymesayer Rittz has once again come together with DJ Burn One and The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, White Jesus: Revival. An expanded re-release of 2011 breakout mixtape White Jesus, the... Read More


Rittz - Walking on Air [Stream & Download]

As recently as November of 2011, Rittz sounded like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Just three months and change later, he’s “...feelin like [he’s] Walking on Air.” Leak numero deux off his... Read More


Rittz ft. Yelawolf - Sleep at Night [Video]

As he prepares to release his White Jesus: Revival project on March 8, Slumerican representer Rittz returns to the original White Jesus for his latest video Sleep At Night. Also featuring Yelawolf, Sleep at Night is proof... Read More


TrakkSounds ft. Mistah F.A.B, Devin The Dude, Rittz, P. Dukes & DJ Buddha - Amazing [Stream]

UPDATE: “Amazing” is no longer available to stream. Sometimes the title says it all—at least, when you name a record “Amazing,” you’d damn well better hope it does. A newly-leaked... Read More


Rittz - Wishin [Stream & Download]

When most rappers spit about their hopes and dreams, the objects of their desires are things like Platinum sales numbers, sky-high stacks of cash, fancy whips and one-night stands with gorgeous models. Rittz, however, has... Read More


Nikkiya ft. Tech N9ne & Rittz - When I Was High (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Nikkiya‘s Booth debut and the lead single off her SpeakHer mixtape, When I Was High boasted a bass-bumping Supahot Beats instrumental that could just as easily have backed a monster rap record. Plus, the song was about... Read More


Rittz - Wishin [Video]

After an enticing trailer, the official video for Rittz‘s newest song WISHIN is finally here. The Slumerican representer teams up with 3 Little Digs to bring you a graphic representation of his hopes and wishes.... Read More


Rittz - Wishin (Trailer) [Video]

Rittz is preparing to drop new visuals for his single Wishin, but before he does the Slumerican representer throws a trailer our way. If you want to catch Rittz in person he’ll be in a city near you on Yelawolf’s Hard... Read More


Jackie Chain, Rittz, Jarren Benton & Young Scolla - Certified Sh*t [Video]

Jackie Chain, Young Scolla, Rittz and Jarren Benton spend a night kicking it in Atlanta and blasting some real Certified Sh*t. Off SMKA’s dope The 808 Experiment: Vol 3 compilation album, available for download here.... Read More


Rittz - Three Shots [Freestyle] [Stream]

On a bonus cut off the deluxe edition of Tha Carter IV, Weezy ordered himself “Two Shots of whatever.” Today, Rittz does the Young Money megastar one better; newly-released freestyle Three Shots finds the Georgia... Read More


Yelawolf Announces “Hard White” Tour Dates [ Exclusive] [Feature ]

Gadsden, Ala. -- Alabama-repping Booth fave Yelawolf is giving us the exclusive first look at the schedule for this fall's Hard White Tour. Hitting 24 venues in cities across the country, the tour will find Catfish Billy... Read More


Rittz - Geronimo [Stream]

Though Geronimo is best known as “that guy whose name people yell when jumping from really high up,” Geronimo actually got his moniker through a misunderstanding, when English settlers overhead Mexican soldiers... Read More


Rittz - Triumphant [Stream & Download]

Rittz’ journey to rap stardom hasn’t been an easy one—on the contrary as we learned on his last solo feature, the moody Nowhere to Run, the Slumerican emcee’s inner demons combined with external... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Rittz, Laws, Laura Reed & Voodo - Champion (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Emilio Rojas proved himself a Champion way back in November of 2010, but who are we to begrudge the NYC repper (and freestyle alum) a well-earned victory lap? On this official remix of the record, Rojas and original... Read More


Shane Eli ft. Playboy Tre & Rittz - Let’s Ride [Stream & Download]

Good things may not always come to those who wait – if the damn thing wasn’t on track for release (knock on wood), I’d make a Detox joke here – but Booth favorite Shane Eli isn’t about to leave his loyal... Read More


Rittz & DJ Burn One: Exclusive SXSW Video Interview (Part 2) [Video]

In mid-March, emerging artists and hip-hop heavyweights alike gathered in Austin, Texas for the 25th annual South by Southwest festival, which included an all-star showcase sponsored by (Click here to read our... Read More


Jackie Chain ft. Rittz, Jarren Benton & Young Scolla - Certified Sh*t [Stream & Download]

What could be better than a fresh new feature from the second most hilariously-named artist in history? No, not one from the first most hilariously-named artist – though I do eagerly await the return of Fidel... Read More


Rittz & DJ Burn One: Exclusive SXSW Video Interview (Part 1) [Video]

In mid-March, emerging artists and hip-hop heavyweights alike gathered in Austin, Texas for the 25th annual South by Southwest festival, which included an all-star showcase sponsored by (Click here to read our... Read More


Rittz - Nowhere to Run [Stream & Download]

As the self-proclaimed White Jesus of rap, you’d think that Southern buzzmaker Rittz would be a paragon of inner peace, but I guess even a hip-hop messiah’s got to suffer through a few long, dark evenings of the... Read More