DJ Qbert Rips it up on the New Scratchophone Turntablist Instrument

By | Posted July 30, 2010
While I was scouring the internet for a cool video to post for our Turntablist Feature Friday blog entries, I found this new instrument for...
The Scratchophone is an electronic DJ device that is part turntable, part mixer, and part drum-shaped enclosure that gives Turntablists a TRUE instrument to call their own. The Scratchophone is made for serious scratch professionals and is fully portable and intuitive just like any other instrument. Nearly everything from the color to the crossfader angle position is customizable at the time of order. All mixer and turntable functions are all there and packed into this nicely presented package that finally looks to make Turntablism a valid art form and to provide a respectable instrument that can finally label a scratch DJ as a true performing musician. DJ Qbert dropped by their place to put it through its paces and he was thoroughly am I!





The Scratchophone is a portable Scratch instrument, featuring a turntable, a special tonearm, scratch mixer, and a pair of speakers. It can even be used with a cordeless power supply.

It is an ”instrumental unity” for scratching: all in one, portable and autonomous !

The Scratchophone can be carried and used virtually anywhere in a wide variety of applications:
jamming with friends, playing live on stage and even scratching in your sofa…

Professsional features like the exclusive tangential micro-tonearm for non-skipping scratching,
the unique rotary fader box to play in any posture and an high torque direct drive
set it apart from other products for Scratch DJ’s.

Scratchophone custom v1.5
Hand-made in Quebec, Canada
Drum :
- Drum made of fibreglass and non-inflammable polyester resin
- Your own choice of color for the drum and the sides + your custom Logo
Turntable :
- High torque turntable (Numark TT200 Drive)
- (NEW) 2 Start/Stop – 33/45/78 + Quartz Lock – Pitch Slider (+/- 10%)
- (NEW) Reverse
Mixer :
- Mixer PMC 06 Pro VCA Vestax
- Gains – 2 EQ – Balance – Main OUT Volume – Curve Ctrl – Hamster
- 2 Channels – Phono/Line In – 2 RCA main Output
- 2 Line faders (Sides interchangeable)
- Crossfader with rotary fader box (Sides interchangeable) 
Tonearm :
- (NEW) Upgraded Micro Tonearm Scratchophone (Tangential fixed and articulated)
- Cartridge + Stylus (Stanton 500v3)
Included Accessories :
Stereo Speakers (active, 2W), Harness + hooks, Transport Backpack,
Polishing clothe, Adjustment tools (Screwdriver +  Allen Key 3mm) and Scratchophone T-shirt  

For more information or to get your Scratchophone visit

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