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Urei 1601S Review

The UREI 1601S is identical to the UREI 1601, but has the added feature of a high-performance 2-bank 32 beat 96kHz/24-bit auto looping sampler with 1-shot and reverse functions.

Urei 1601E Review

The Urei 1601 E is the Urei 1601 mixer with additional digital onboard sound effects!

Urei 1601 Review

The Urei 1601 is a new entry into the Professional Grade Battle Mixer Market!  This line of mixers are amongst the best tools in the world!

Urei 1620LE Review

The original Urei 1620 rotary fader DJ mixer set 1970s dance floors alight with its fat bottom end, smooth midrange and ultra-sweet highs. Considered by many to be the best-sounding DJ mixer of all time, Urei remains to this day THE authentic sound of dance music. And now it’s back.

Urei 1605 Review

The 1605 is a high performance 7 channel club mixer with legendary Urei sound and Soundcraft quality construction. This mixer offers the installer, engineer and pro DJ all the features they need for the perfect all round club mixer.

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