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Beat Break: S1 Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs

By Andy James | 42 minutes ago
The only thing better than S1's beats are the stories behind them.

The Rise of Ugly God’s “Water” is Further Proof Radio is Broken

By Brent Bradley | 52 minutes ago
If radio wants to remain relevant for the foreseeable future, it must consider drastic changes.
Tags: News, Opinion

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

By Yoh | 3 hours ago
We took Drake's discography to date—albums, mixtapes and "playlists"—and ranked every entry.

Meet All 41 Key Contributors on Drake’s ‘More Life’

By Brent Bradley | about 4 hours ago
Get acquainted with the small army Drake employed to help out with his latest project.
Tags: Albums

Drake, ‘More Life’ & Crushing the Competition By Simply Staying in the Game

By Bob Lefsetz | about 7 hours ago
Artists must forget the aged concepts the boomer-controlled industry runs by, and build a whole new world—like Drake.

Noname Says She Won’t Be “Dropping Music For a Long Time”

By DJ Z | about 24 hours ago
A popular artist not releasing music for a long time? What year is this?
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