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Share:’s DJ “Z” interviewed one-half of the Queens based powerhouse C-N-N, a duo which sold over 1 million albums in their short-lived career, Capone

Five years after the Capone-n-Noriega Reunion album (2000), Capone has released his second solo record on Pain, Time, and Glory Enterprises. “Menace II Society” features close friends Scarface and Norega.  The album also features some hot producers, including the Heatmakerz, Twinz, Screwface, Nexxus Entertainment, Reefa, Dub Z and DJ Absolut.  Fans who loved the duo CNN will not be disappointed with “Menace II Society”. Older and much wiser, Capone has taken his past experiences and created an impressive album with club bangers and street anthems.

During the interview Capone discusses the sound of his current solo material and the possibility he will once again work with N.O.R.E.  In addition he offers an advanced warning to anyone who should choose to challenge his position as the “Street King” of New York.

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