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Childish Gambino in Bidding War With Three Major Record Labels

By DJ Z | one day ago
A major label signing likely means more music is on the horizon.

Exclusive: Nico Segal is Saving Jazz (And Us) With His Trumpet

By Kareem Sheikh | one day ago
The Social Experiment and JuJu leader is fighting to make us appreciate instruments again.

Freedom in Not Choosing: How Mixes Made Me Enjoy Music Discovery Again

By Miguelito | one day ago
I pulled up to the mix soiree painfully late, but it’s a welcome refuge.
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DJ Khaled Delivers Star-Studded Song of the Summer Contender “I’m the One”

By Andy James | one day ago
Because pop music just can’t help itself from whitewashing Jamaican music right now, can it?

Wale ‘SHINE’ 1 Listen Album Review

By Yoh | one day ago
Wale's fifth album is one of celebration that tries to capture all the sounds and styles of today.

Road to Artistic Freedom: Frank Ocean’s Journey to Independence

By Yoh | 2 days ago
How Frank Ocean gave the major label system the middle finger and blazed his own path to creative success.

SZA Hires a Hitman to Kill Travis Scott in New “Love Galore” Video

By Brent Bradley | 2 days ago
Good luck to Top Dawg trying to contain more SZA hype after this track and video.

Producer Cam O’bi Confirms the “Real Version” of “Grown Ass Kids” is Coming

By DJ Z | 2 days ago
The final version of the Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins and Alex Wiley collaboration will finally see the light of day.
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