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Meet Stromae, the Amazing Artist Americans Have Been Missing

By Lucas G. | 2 years ago
Americans have a reputation for being egotistical and self-centered. It's absolutely deserved.Case in point, we use our own system of...
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Three New Amazing Artists Under 1,000

By Lucas G. | 2 years ago
It all started out as a bet, of sorts. Maybe more like a challenge. In 2015, when a previously unknown artist gets called the next big superstar...

Big Sean, Rihanna & Hot Dogs: Meet Earlly Mac

By Lucas G. | 2 years ago
Thanks to the glorious, magical internet, we are inundated with quality music every day, every hour, every minute. While too much music is a very good...
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Sampa The Great - Everybody's Hero feat. Estelle (prod. by Rahki)

Jim Beam, Run The Jewels & Drums: Meet K.Flay

By Lucas G. | 2 years ago
Wayyyyy back in August I attended the Warped Tour. I primarily went to see Bad Rabbits and Wax, and I did, but one name that stuck with me was someone...

Off the Burner & Into The Spotlight: Meet AdELA

By Nathan S. | 2 years ago
The name Adela means noble and serene, and whether her parents had the foresight to envision the kind of artist their child would someday become or...

Meet Hannibal King, The “Floral Print” King

By Lucas G. | 2 years ago
At the beginning of the year everyone wants to focus on new albums from Drake, Jay and Kanye, but in reality it's the unexpected...

Meet Mali Music, the “Beautiful” Bridge Between Hip-Hop & Gospel

By Carl Lamarre | 2 years ago
In order to reach the precipice of music and maximize on your potential, you have to be mentally indestructible. Just like life, the music industry is...

Meet Tory Lanez, Toronto’s Next Household Name

By Lucas G. | 2 years ago
Next week, September 29 to be exact, Tory Lanez will drop his highly anticipated project, Lost Cause, his third project following 2012's...

Railroads Down: Meet Eric Biddines

By Lucas G. | 2 years ago
After making his DJBooth debut, Eric Biddines was absent for a little while. Two years to be exact. A two year hiatus is a long break, but when you...

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