“I’m Real”: Five Questions With Raury

By | Posted September 9, 2014
If you've listened to music at all in the past month, you've likely heard the name Raury floating around; in just a short amount of time...

If you've listened to music at all in the past month, you've likely heard the name Raury floating around; in just a short amount of time he's become a very big deal. While his music speaks for itself, the man behind the music is very much an enigma, wrapped in a quandary, ensnared in a labyrinth, draped in a riddle. From Outkast freestyles to meetings with Kanye, the young Atlanta native is living quite the life, so we asked him a few questions about how he feels post Indigo Child, his smoking habits and what music he wants played at his wake.

So, while you put on some Indigo Child, read his answers, and get to know him a little better.

Since the release of Indigo Child last month, how has your life changed, career-wise and/or personally?

My life has changed immensely. I realized now that I’m living for more than just myself and the select few people that believed in me and had their lives impacted by it.

Your release strategy leading up to Indigo Child was unique, and I have to believe that scarcity of new music was an intentional plan. What is your strategy in regards to exposure vs. over-exposure? How do you think that plan benefited you and the success of Indigo Child?

When you oversaturate the market with your material people begin to take it for granted and they also want more. Your song becomes like a .99 cent burger from McDonalds and you don’t want to do that.  We’ve found different ways to interact with our fans and that in-turn increased the demand. I’m only 18, I just left economics class in high school so this stuff is still fresh in my mind. 

Of the music you have released, "Cigarette Song" is my favorite so far. Are you personally a smoker? If so, would you consider it a vice?

Yes, here and there. I would consider it a vice. But I’ve actually quit for awhile.  

What's the next step you take? How do you build on the success of Indigo Child in the next few months?

Literally by doing shows. Showing people that I’m real. Doing features and showing my versatility. And also finding different ways to interact with the fans to drive traffic back to the project. 

Ending on a personal and somewhat unique note, what artist and/or album would you want played at your wake?

Everything by Bon Iver, especially the song "Beth/Rest."

While the man continues to be more of a mystery than most artists in the age of too much information, at least now we know a little more about the Indigo Child himself. At the very least, if you ever see Raury on the street you know not to offer him a cigarette, and play some Bon Iver if you want to befriend him. 

To keep up to date with all things Raury, be sure to keep refreshing his DJBooth artist page or shoot him a follow @Raury.

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